5 Best Game Testing Companies in Australia

5 Best Game Testing Companies in Australia

In this gaming world, testing companies play a crucial role in verifying that the games are of high quality. The video game business is growing at a rapid pace, and millions of people play a wide variety of video games on different platforms.

Optimizing the quality, efficiency, and immersive experience of your game is crucial in this fiercely competitive market. Here, game testing services enter the frame. Testing shows that the specific gaming application meets the gamer’s expectations. As per the surprising statistics, 70% of apps are abandoned because of the prolonged loading time.

As so many gaming testing companies are there, it is overwhelming to pick the right one. To make the right decision, we have created a list of top game-testing businesses. Choose the ideal game testing company with a team of professional testers with a proven track record of offering high-quality testing services for gaming applications.

The ideal game testing companies offer a range of services, including compatibility testing and functional & performance testing.

Why Choosing the Right Game Testing Company Matters?

Companies must invest in game testing companies to make sure that their apps run smoothly and provide an excellent user experience. Here, we shed some of the reasons for hiring the right top game testing companies.

Quality Control

Do you know 71% of applications are uninstalled because of crashes? Platforms for game testing companies provide creators access to performance indicators for evaluating how effectively a game runs on various devices and automated tests to assist in finding problems quickly. This aids companies in making sure their games are reliable and prepared to launch.

Cost Savings

By making an early investment in high-quality game testing companies, businesses may avoid expensive problems like crashes & bugs that arise after launch, thus saving money. Additionally, developers can save time and money by using automated testing instead of labor-intensive manual tests.

Better User Experiences

Game testing company Developers can instantly spot any possible areas for development while guaranteeing that the user experience is consistent across every device and platform by utilizing automated methods for testing video games and other gaming apps. This contributes to the production of excellent gaming experiences that entice gamers to come back for more.

best game testing companies

Data Analysis

By using automated testing from the best game testing companies, companies may obtain comprehensive information on how their apps are operating on various platforms and devices. This information helps them decide what improvements or modifications they should make in the future.

Video Game rating

A video game’s rating may be impacted by thorough testing conducted on a dependable cloud platform. Before rendering a final decision, Quality Assurance teams of best game testing companies take into account an extensive set of factors that impact how players see a new game.

Maximizing Areas for Improvement

Game applications are often updated. The game’s shelf life can be increased by finding areas for enhancement by testing on a dependable platform. This technique is more effective when debugging on actual devices rather than keeping up device labs.

Top 5 Game Testing Companies

1. KiwiQA Australia

game testing company

KiwiQA recognizes that gaming software testing and quality assessment are essential parts of software development since they guarantee that the app is well-written and satisfies the requirements. Because of this, we evaluate your software with a thorough methodology to make sure it satisfies the necessary requirements and performs as intended.

The business provides a broad range of software testing services, including speed workload testing, automation testing, and mobile testing. The video game testing company has expertise and also specializes in cloud-based mobile assessment, security & manual testing. Our software testing experience is unmatched. The company’s aim is for your software to satisfy your needs and demands.

To make sure the software functions as intended for a variety of sectors, we develop test plans and cases, execute them, and track down any problems. Moreover, the KiwiQA leadership team includes seasoned professionals from the gaming business, which amplifies their legitimacy and proficiency. Because of this, KiwiQA is now the go-to partner for reputable corporate gaming firms looking for all-inclusive game development services.

It might be difficult to find a committed group of gaming testers from the Android game testing company for a project because of the variety of jobs and skill levels needed. Clients can, however, turn to KiwiQA Australia, which offers a specialized team of quality assurance specialists, testing engineers, and other qualified experts for game testing. The organization’s testing specialists are constantly prepared to comprehend project testing needs and complete them on time and within budget.

Services Offered:

  • Automation Testing
  • Game Testing
  • Mobile Testing

No. of Employees: 51-200

LinkedIn Url: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kiwiqa-services/

2. Kevuru Games

top game testing companies

Kevuru Games is a well-known and creative top game testing company in the areas of game development and art creation. They are renowned for their capability to produce cutting-edge entertainment projects that attract viewers worldwide. Their dedication to innovation pushes them to constantly discover novel strategies in order to build the most thrilling game environments.

What distinguishes Kevuru Games from other Android game testing companies is that they offer board game testing services that expand industry standards. Their team is committed to building successful, lasting connections with each client, as shown by their outstanding track record of partnerships that typically last longer than three years.

This acknowledgment is a testament to their extraordinary talent and steadfast dedication to providing outstanding gaming experiences. To sum up, Kevuru Games is a pioneering innovator in the ever-evolving world of game development and graphics creation.

Services Offered:

  • Game Testing
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Android Game Development

No. of Employees: 201-500

LinkedIn Url: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kevuru-games/

3. QAwerk

mobile game testing companies

Are you trying to find a gaming application that is perfectly working either before it’s released or at whatever level of development? You may do that by entrusting QAWerk mobile game testing companies with your game testing.

QAwerk mobile game testing companies have been prominent participants in the game testing sector since 2015, having committed themselves entirely to the field. Even the most distracting issues that could negatively affect the user experience can be found and fixed by their team of highly qualified experts with the help of the right resources.

They carry out an extensive analysis of an application’s features, accessibility, reliability, security, and other factors. To guarantee seamless gameplay, they make use of state-of-the-art technologies. They use both automated and human testing methods in their quality control process to provide a comprehensive evaluation. QAwerk possesses practical expertise in testing web2, mobile, and web3 games. Their work includes partnerships with multinational corporations like Spectre Studios and Virtually Interactive.

Services Offered:

  • Game Testing
  • Web Applictions Testing
  • Mobile Applictions Testing

No. of Employees: 11-50

LinkedIn Url: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kevuru-games/

4. BugRaptors

video game testing companies

Established in 2016, BugRaptors functions as a software testing & quality control brand focused solely on software testing. Its global clientele suggests that it has a global clientele. With experience working with both Fortune 500 organizations and hundreds of SMEs, BugRaptors markets itself as a supplier that serves a wide range of industries.

The company is located in multiple countries in the US, UK, and Canada and is headquartered in the US & India. The core services offered by the business are integration testing, functional testing, load & performance testing, black box & database testing, and many more.

The video game testing companies have continuously delivered publishers and creators of video game development & testing services throughout the years. Experienced developers, programmers, and designers are the group members who are all recognized for their unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations.

Services Offered:

  • Manual Testing Services
  • Automation Testing Services
  • Web Testing Services

No. of Employees: 501-1K

LinkedIn Url: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bug-raptors/

5. Qualitest

android game testing company

Founded in 1997, Qualitest is an application testing and quality control firm. It offers comprehensive testing and quality inspection services to companies of any kind, from little startups to huge multinationals. Qualitest Group has more than 4,000 workers globally and the means and know-how to provide software testing & assurance solutions for a broad spectrum of sectors.

Top-notch game testing services from Qualitest are renowned for ensuring seamless and prosperous game releases with 100% client satisfaction. All things considered, Qualitest is a well-known game production firm with a history of providing top-notch services. Their vast expertise, remarkable portfolio, dependable reputation, and skilled workers provide them a dependable option for game developers, advertisers, and marketers seeking to realize their ideas.

Services Offered:

  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Mobile App and Web Testing

No. of Employees: 5K-10K

LinkedIn Url: https://www.linkedin.com/company/qualitest/

game testing companies

Choose the Best: Partner with Top Game Testing Companies Today!

Mobile game testing services are vital to the gaming business in order to guarantee that the apps we play are not only decent but outstanding. Although these businesses are sometimes disregarded, they are essential to preserving the standard of the gaming experience.

The safeguards of quality are the game testers, who examine every detail of a game in great detail in order to find even the smallest faults and errors. They put out endless effort to make sure the games we enjoy are excellent and compelling and provide us with hours of fun. The game testing companies can provide the exceptional games that we have been accustomed to thanks to game tester firms.

Game QA testing service is essential to prevent problems that cause crashes, distorted visuals, and subpar audio. These problems may significantly reduce the complete immersion that players anticipate and may harm the reputation of the gaming sector. If you have any questions regarding the testing companies & services, readers can share their questions in the comment section.

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