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API testing services play a critical role in testing various kinds of platforms. API testing has become increasingly important in software development, as organization rely on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect different systems and deliver seamless integration.

Delving into details

Integration Testing

It examines how APIs work with other reliant systems or components and how they interact. It guarantees that APIs and the various services they rely on communicate effectively.

Automation and Test Tools

API testing can be automated with the help of specialised tools or frameworks. The frameworks help accelerate the process of running tests, producing results, and connecting to CI/CD pipelines. Automation enables the execution of many test cases and provides better test coverage.

Performance testing

While testing the performance, we assess the speed, scalability and stability of your app’s API under a wide range of scenarios and conditions. This is done to pinpoint the bottlenecks in the productivity, measure response time and assess overall performance of the API.

How KiwiQA makes a difference

We drive lasting change

As an API testing company, we have deep experience in deploying proven techniques and executing precise delivery of streamlined and jazzed up API-driven solutions for you.

Bringing your platform to life

Adhering to these protocols ensures the preservation of all defined requirements. We have expertise across several API protocols encompassing XML, JSON, RSS, REST, and so on, and adhering to them helps us preserve all defined requirements.

We are a master of leveraging the potential of the most advanced tools for API testing, which helps us ensuring swift and precise outcomes across all testings.

We guarantee admiration for your application by performing thorough and meticulous validation of every layer of the platform.

Our offering

Heaps of options to choose from

By partnering with KiwiQA for API testing, organization can confidently validate the reliability and efficiency of their APIs, identify potential issues, and enhance the overall quality of their software applications.

Unit Testing

We write unit tests and then validate the behavior/correctness of individual API methods or functions. Through this, we ensure each unit of code performs as expected.

Functional Testing

This verifies the functional requirements and behavior of API as a whole, by testing the API’s endpoints, request/response handling and data validation.

Load Testing

Performed to evaluate the performance and behavior of an API, under expected or possible load condition. We check API’s response time, throughput, and scalability.

Runtime Testing

We also check behavior of API during its execution, analyzing in real-time, while capturing and monitoring its interactions with other components.

Security Testing

This involves gauging API’s vulnerability to threats and ensuring confidentiality and integrity of data transmitted through API.

Web UI Testing

Alongside API, we do web UI testing to ensure the integration and functionality of the user interface with the API is as intended.

Why KiwiQA?

We fit just right

With a deep understanding of API testing methodologies, tools, and best practices, KiwiQA is well-equipped to handle the intricacies of API testing.

Compatibility and Performance Testing

Compatibility and Performance Testing

KiwiQA conducts comprehensive compatibility testing to ensure APIs work seamlessly across devices, OSs and platforms.

Client Collaboration

Client Collaboration

We value close collaboration with clients throughout the API testing process. They actively engage with clients, understand their requirements, and provide regular updates and reports to ensure transparency and alignment with project goals.

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

We prioritise API testing results, allowing clients to meet project deadlines and make informed decisions regarding software quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

KiwiQA has a proven track record of delivering high-quality API testing services, resulting in satisfied clients with improved software reliability, performance, and user satisfaction.


Methodologies that work

This is a high-level methodology; we adapt and customise it to suit specific needs and project requirements. We regularly assess the adopted methodology's effectiveness and adjust as necessary to ensure thorough and reliable API testing.

  • Requirements Analysis: We define the API’s function, integration points, and goal. We examine the API documentation to determine the main functions, endpoints, and anticipated actions.
  • Test Plan: We create a test plan especially suited for API testing. We specify the goals, timetables, and scope. Our experts establish the testing environment and the equipment and resources needed. Our thoughts are directed towards ensuring compatibility, performance, and security.
  • Test Data Preparation: It involves creating representative test data after determining its needs. We consider diverse data kinds, edge instances, and boundary conditions to achieve thorough coverage.
  • Test Case Design: Using the stated requirements and use cases as a guide, our teams develop test cases. We review data validation, error handling, functional scenarios, and security considerations. Then we start to organise test cases and record the anticipated outcomes logically.
  • Test Automation: To automate the execution of API tests, we use automation frameworks and tools. Using scripts or specialised tools to submit requests, evaluate responses, and carry out data verification. Automated testing allows scalability, repeatability, and faster execution.
  • Execution and Reporting: This entails organising test cases while gathering pertinent information, execution logs, and performance metrics. Report any differences between the actual and anticipated results. Create thorough reports that emphasise test coverage, found problems and overall test status.
  • Feedback and Collaboration: KiwiQA encourages open communication with developers, product owners, and stakeholders. We discuss suggestions, track down problems, and work together to make advancements. To coordinate testing efforts with development iterations, our team actively participates in Agile ceremonies.
  • Test Upkeep: To account for API changes, bug fixes, and new features, we frequently review and update test cases. We update and manage test data repositories and improve test scripts to increase productivity and effectiveness.
  • Process Optimisation: By identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and potential areas for improvement, our specialists regularly assess and optimise the API testing process. We also investigate new testing methodologies, tools, and procedures to improve the general standard of API testing.

AI Transformation Road Map

Bringing your platform to life

Our roadmap involves gap analysis to define an API testing plan. We use it to implement test automation framework while promoting collaboration and continuous improvement practices for better quality.


Assessment and Gap Analysis:

We identify weaknesses, difficulties, and areas where the existing API testing approach needs improvement. The effects of poor API testing on product quality, client satisfaction, and the overall development lifecycle are then examined.


Define API Testing Strategy:

We develop a thorough API testing plan that aligns with organizational objectives and industry best practices. Then, we outline the precise goals, parameters, and success criteria for API testing and specify the equipment, frameworks, and infrastructure needed to back up the testing plan.


Establish Test Automation Framework:

Creating a solid test automation framework is the first step in the process, and it is specifically designed and implemented for API testing. We link the API test automation framework with the chosen CI/CD pipelines to provide continuous testing after the right tools and technologies have been chosen.


Continuous Improvement and Collaboration:

The API testing and other development teams benefit from the collaboration and continuous improvement practices KiwiQA offers. This results in the routine evaluation, analysis, and detection of patterns in test data. To find and fix problems, we aggressively solicit input from end users, stakeholders, and developers.

Delivering remarkable changes

We deliver  outcomes that matter

Our years of experience and high-quality results are significant reasons why the outcome of our services will always be in your favour and beyond your expectations.

Time to Market Acceleration

Time to Market Acceleration

Working with a specialised API testing firm can hasten your time to market. Due to their proficiency in API testing, KiwiQA can rapidly create and carry out test cases, automate tedious activities, and deliver quicker feedback on the calibre of your APIs. This allows you to spot problems and correct them early in the development cycle, cutting down on time-consuming rework and allowing for quicker product launches.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Before conducting GUI tests, testing the application’s core, code-level functionality allows for an early assessment of its overall build robustness, revealing little faults before they balloon into major issues. Additionally, core access allows testing concurrently with development, fostering better teamwork and communication.

Compliance and Security Assurance

Compliance and Security Assurance

APIs work with sensitive data and interact with systems of super importance. KiwiQA’s API testing service can help ensure that your APIs adhere to compliance regulations and security best practices. They can conduct security testing and vulnerability assessments and ensure proper data protection measures are in place, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Better Functionality

Better Functionality

We check the various functions of the API across devices to make sure everything works as intended. With detailed testing and adopting different methodologies, we fix functional issues before they crop up.

Tools & Technology Intro

Tools & Technology

KiwiQA utilizes advanced testing tools and techniques specifically designed for API testing. These tools help in automating the testing process, analysing large volumes of data, detecting anomalies, and ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

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We’re a customer-centric organization, and the words of our customers speak volumes about our QA and software testing capabilities.

John Tooth - CTO

We recently worked with KiwiQA team on a project to perform Load Testing and Security Testing on our environment to get an understanding of our exposure and our system limitations. We ran this as two separate projects and both project leads ran very effectively. We got the outcomes we needed and there was clear communication and flexibility throughout the program. I would recommend KiwiQA team for testing services

Nikhil Goenka - Co-founder

Niranjan & the Kiwi QA team have been excellent. They have a high quality team who has demonstrated great ownership, hustle and have maintained a high quality bar that's akin to the top tech cos. such as Flipkart etc. Would highly recommend Kiwi QA

Natalie Fong - Chief Operating Officer

Finding a good and trustworthy QA service is not easy. I didn’t have any recommendations and searching online gave me thousands of QA service companies. KiwiQA caught my immediate attention as their website explained their QA services in a "healthy" way. So, I contacted Niranjan through LinkedIn. Niranjan gave me the requisite information along with a complete quotation within a few hours after the virtual discussion. We started the partnership in June 2022. In these few months, we are happy with the working attitude, and professionalism of the QA team. We will definitely continue working with them to ensure our platform Wesurance 360 and all new features would be delivered successfully. Thank you, Niranjan for your support!

Mirko Siegel - Chief Technical Officer

KiwiQA has been providing advanced software solution testing services to Genix Ventures Pty Ltd for several years. The services included functional testing as well as load testing and test automation. We were very happy with KiwiQA's services and we can strongly recommend KiwiQA to other companies!

Scott Hunley - Devops Manager

We use KiwiQA for our large custom projects. One of our custom sites their normal flow of automation testing was not going to work. They quickly found and implemented a solution. KiwiQA is very detail oriented and has great communication. They are a pleasure to work with.

Ken Murai - Founder and CEO

We have been working with KiwiQA for several years and really come to rely upon them. They have a terrific team of people, and I rely on them to do a thorough job.

Rebecca VanZutphen - Founder

It was a pleasure to work with Niranjan and his team of dedicated and comprehensive testers. Looking forward to our next engagement with the KiwiQA team, and having Niranjan oversee another successful project for us. A great experience full of support and passion to deliver a great service. Thanks Niranjan!

Apurva Patil - Quality Assurance - Team Leader

Thank you for your all support to the projects in ITFAQ! Really appreciated

Enrico Mareth - Team Lead QA

We used KiwiQA for a security audit of one of our web platforms. It was a very good cooperation and with the excellent reporting and risk assessment we were able to effectively fix existing vulnerabilities.

Eran Kinsbruner - Chief Evangelist, Author

Great service, high skills, responsiveness and delivery on time of software projects

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