Core Testing

Core Testing

Core Testing

Diverse services to enable seamless testing experience

We offer multiple testing and QA services that span industries, which aim to cater to varied needs. Our services ensure your products are primed for user deployment.



We will help you address the concerns of all your users by making your platform accessible to those with disabilities, such as vision impairment and other physical or cognitive conditions.


Code Verification

Our goal with code verification is to look for problems in your software code introduced during the coding phase. It includes ensuring that user needs are consistent with the design phase.



KiwiQA validates and compares the input and output data transformed by the ETL process. And eventually certify that an ETL process is extracting, processing, and loading data correctly.



Striking down every imperfection so that the functionality of your application or system behaves as expected.



Test cases are run manually without automation tools or scripts. It helps better in understanding and validating the functionalities, user interfaces, and features.



We test your applications for functionality, usability and stability. To guarantee the finest possible quality for end customers, we evaluate it in many ways, including performance, security, and user interface. Choose KiwiQA as your Mobile App Testing Services Company



We know how vital seed is for growing organizations. So, we run performance tests to identify bottlenecks in your platforms.



A KiwiQA assurance for the security and protection of your programme against hacking and other malicious assaults.


Software QA Outsourcing

Hand over the responsibility for testing process management and the quality of outcomes to KiwiQA. We are fast, reliable and pretty much an ace!


Test Automation

We examine and evaluate your program to ensure it meets set quality criteria for code style, performance, and UX.


Test Centre & Consulting

KiwiQA provides test consulting because of robust evaluation frameworks and established techniques to aid businesses in developing a robust, strategic, coherent, and cost-effective approach.


Web Apps

We aren’t letting you go live with a website filled with bugs. KiwiQA’s well-executed plan to kill every bug enables you to launch a website that is secure and functional.

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