Digital Assurance

Digital Assurance

Digital Assurance

Elevating your digital excellence through complexities

KiwiQA empowers you to traverse through the digital landscapes with confidence with our testing solutions for multiple devices. Our adept team ensures seamless operations, optimum performance, and robust security protocols for you.


A part of integration testing, through API testing we help you validate the logic of the build architecture to ensure it meets the desired functionality, performance, and dependability.

Big Data / ETL

Big data systems deal with massive volumes of data from diverse sources. We test to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and quality of the data being ingested and stored.


Evaluating & assessing your eCommerce website and application for your platform’s intended and accurate operational functionality.


KiwiQA testers help you uncover, document, and repair software issues to prevent them from interfering with the gaming experience, hence contributing in game quality control.


Implementing a holistic web application security strategy to hunt down security vulnerabilities that need to be patched up.


Regression means Re-test those parts of the application, which are unchanged. We ensure that the code still works even when the changes are occurring.

Salesforce CRM

When an update, modification, or customization is made to your Salesforce-based platforms, our testers at KiwiQA check for vulnerabilities.

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