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KiwiQA’s regression testing approach is designed to thoroughly validate the application’s behaviour after modifications, enhancements, or fixes. We employ manual and automated testing techniques to cover all critical functionalities and test scenarios. Our testers meticulously execute test cases, compare results against expected outcomes, and identify inconsistencies.

Delving into details

No ‘fresh’ surprise

“Does everything still work as expected?” we always ask ourselves. A “regression” is a problem or bug that a fresh release causes in another area of the system; hence, “regression testing.”

Perfect blend

Retesting the software manually after modifications have been made in manual regression testing. On the other hand, automated regression testing retests the product automatically using software tools. We use a combination of them so that we get all the bugs.

Thorough testing

Instead of testing only at the end, we conduct continuous testing, which involves testing through the development process. This strategy may prevent regression testing from becoming a bottleneck and identify problems early.

How KiwiQA makes a difference

Bringing your platform to life

At KiwiQA, we understand the critical role regression testing plays in ensuring the stability and reliability of software applications. With our comprehensive regression testing services, we go above and beyond to make a significant difference for our clients. Here's how:

Bringing your platform to life

We identify potential areas of impact caused by new feature additions, bug fixes, or changes, ensuring comprehensive test coverage. By leaving no stone unturned, we minimise the risk of undetected defects and ensure the overall quality of your software.

We recognise the importance of quick turnaround times without compromising quality. Our regression testing experts leverage extensive experience and expertise to streamline the testing process.

Our outsource regression testing services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your application, allowing for scalability and flexibility. We adapt our testing strategy to accommodate changes in your software, ensuring that regression testing seamlessly integrates into your development process.

Our offering

Heaps of options to choose from

We recognise the need for flexibility and scalability in regression testing. Our teams can quickly ramp up resources and adapt to changing project requirements, ensuring that regression testing efforts align with the evolving needs of the software application.

Functional Regression Testing

This is intended to figure out the impact of the new changes in the software and to ensure the functionalities do not get affected.

Automation Regression Testing

For maximizing the coverage of the test, automation testing is a great alternative that not only makes the test cases easy to manage, but all the more usable.

Partial Regression Testing

When we only need to check the newly implemented code, partial testing is our go-to testing method. This is done to test the compatibility of the new code with the existing one.

Unit Regression Testing

Retesting the specific units of code helps ensuring any changes in the codebase do not introduce any regressions or unintended side effects.

Complete Testing

Once all changes have been made to the software, we check the features and functionalities again to ensure they work as intended.

Selective Regression Testing

We also test subsets of test cases determined through a risk-based approach and cases that are most likely to be affected by changes or have a higher likelihood of containing potential regressions.

Why KiwiQA?

We fit just right

As a highly acclaimed and widely known Regression testing company in Australia, we at KiwiQA can offer multiple reasons to choose our top-class regression testing services.

Regression Test Suite Maintenance

Regression Test Suite Maintenance

KiwiQA emphasises the importance of maintaining a well-defined and up-to-date regression test suite. We regularly review and update the test suite to align with the evolving software requirements, changes, and enhancements.

Efficient Defect Tracking and Reporting

Efficient Defect Tracking and Reporting

KiwiQA utilises robust defect tracking and reporting mechanisms during regression testing. We track and document regression defects, clearly identifying the impact of changes on existing functionality.

Risk-Based Regression Testing

Risk-Based Regression Testing

KiwiQA employs a risk-based approach to outsource Regression Testing services. This approach optimises testing efforts, ensuring that the most important functionalities are thoroughly tested within a limited time and resources.

Flawless Implementation

Flawless Implementation

KiwiQA partners with you for thorough testing of the complete system to ensure it functions continually and remains stable, irrespective of the modifications in the current functionalities or new integrations.


Methodologies that work

It's important to note that regression testing should be performed at regular intervals, especially after significant changes or updates to the software. The methodology can be enhanced by incorporating automation techniques, prioritising test cases based on risk factors, or leveraging test management tools to streamline the regression testing process.

  • Coverage Analysis: Evaluate the existing test suite to assess its coverage of features and functionalities
  • Risk-based Approach: Employ a risk-based strategy to concentrate regression testing efforts on areas that are more susceptible to defects
  • Test Suite Optimization: Streamline the test suite by removing redundant or obsolete test cases
  • Replicating Production Environment: Create a controlled and stable test environment that mirrors the production setup as closely as possible
  • Isolation: Isolate the test environment to prevent interference from external factors
  • Automated Environment Provisioning: Explore automation tools and techniques to streamline the setup and teardown of the test environment
  • Regression Test Automation: Implement test automation to execute the test cases efficiently and consistently
  • Expected Outcomes: Compare the actual results with the baseline to identify any discrepancies or regressions
  • Defect Management: Utilizing reliable defect tracking system to log and manage identified defects
  • Defect Verification: Conducting retesting to ensure that the corrections have effectively resolved the reported issues
  • Testing Report: Generate a comprehensive regression testing report that provides an overview of the entire testing cycle.
  • Test Cycle Closure: Conducting a formal test cycle closure meeting to review the regression testing process

AI Transformation Road Map

Bringing your platform to life

Regression testing should be regularly reviewed and improved depending on user input, technology developments, and new AI trends. Our testing focuses on ongoing learning and development, both for the AI models and the broader processes for regression testing.


Data Gathering and Preparation

Gathering and preparing pertinent data forms the basis of a roadmap for AI transformation that includes regression testing. Training AI models capable of comprehending and foreseeing regression difficulties is made possible by proper data preparation.


Development and Training of AI Models

Using the supplied dataset, we train the models and improve their recall, accuracy, and precision. We work with regression testing experts to ensure that the AI models accurately depict the complexities and complexity of the system’s regression behaviour.


Prioritisation and Optimisation

We examine historical data and AI predictions to determine which test cases are the most important. With this strategy, testing resources can be allocated more effectively, with an emphasis placed on system components that are more prone to experience regression problems.


Analysis and Prediction of Test Outcomes

KiwiQA uses AI models to analyse the outcomes of regression tests and anticipates potential regression problems. We analyse test execution data, such as pass/fail results, logs, and performance metrics, to spot trends and abnormalities.

Delivering remarkable changes

We deliver outcomes that matter

Even a mild modification could significantly change the overall platform experience and require considerable efforts to reverse.

Issue Detection

Issue Detection

KiwiQA’s regression testing aims to identify any issues, bugs, or defects. By executing a comprehensive set of test cases, including new and existing functionalities, KiwiQA helps ensure that the software performs as desired and that any regressions are identified and documented.

Bug Fix Verification

Bug Fix Verification

Regression testing by KiwiQA helps verify the effectiveness of bug fixes and patches applied to the software. By retesting the specific areas previously affected by bugs, KiwiQA ensures that the fixes have been implemented correctly and the related issues have been resolved.

Stability and Performance Validation

Stability and Performance Validation

KiwiQA’s regression testing assesses the stability and performance of the software after changes or updates. We evaluate the software’s response times, resource utilisation, scalability, and stability under different conditions by conducting performance and load testing.

Cost saving


Fixing issues and resolving bugs after they have cropped up is a costly practice. Our expertise allows us to identify issues in the early development stages through regression testing, eliminating the requirement of reworking on the software product.

Tools & Technology Intro

Tools & Technology

KiwiQA utilizes advanced testing tools and techniques specifically designed for Regression Testing. These tools help in automating the testing process, analysing large volumes of data, detecting anomalies, and ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

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We’re a customer-centric organization, and the words of our customers speak volumes about our QA and software testing capabilities.

John Tooth - CTO

We recently worked with KiwiQA team on a project to perform Load Testing and Security Testing on our environment to get an understanding of our exposure and our system limitations. We ran this as two separate projects and both project leads ran very effectively. We got the outcomes we needed and there was clear communication and flexibility throughout the program. I would recommend KiwiQA team for testing services

Nikhil Goenka - Co-founder

Niranjan & the Kiwi QA team have been excellent. They have a high quality team who has demonstrated great ownership, hustle and have maintained a high quality bar that's akin to the top tech cos. such as Flipkart etc. Would highly recommend Kiwi QA

Natalie Fong - Chief Operating Officer

Finding a good and trustworthy QA service is not easy. I didn’t have any recommendations and searching online gave me thousands of QA service companies. KiwiQA caught my immediate attention as their website explained their QA services in a "healthy" way. So, I contacted Niranjan through LinkedIn. Niranjan gave me the requisite information along with a complete quotation within a few hours after the virtual discussion. We started the partnership in June 2022. In these few months, we are happy with the working attitude, and professionalism of the QA team. We will definitely continue working with them to ensure our platform Wesurance 360 and all new features would be delivered successfully. Thank you, Niranjan for your support!

Mirko Siegel - Chief Technical Officer

KiwiQA has been providing advanced software solution testing services to Genix Ventures Pty Ltd for several years. The services included functional testing as well as load testing and test automation. We were very happy with KiwiQA's services and we can strongly recommend KiwiQA to other companies!

Scott Hunley - Devops Manager

We use KiwiQA for our large custom projects. One of our custom sites their normal flow of automation testing was not going to work. They quickly found and implemented a solution. KiwiQA is very detail oriented and has great communication. They are a pleasure to work with.

Ken Murai - Founder and CEO

We have been working with KiwiQA for several years and really come to rely upon them. They have a terrific team of people, and I rely on them to do a thorough job.

Rebecca VanZutphen - Founder

It was a pleasure to work with Niranjan and his team of dedicated and comprehensive testers. Looking forward to our next engagement with the KiwiQA team, and having Niranjan oversee another successful project for us. A great experience full of support and passion to deliver a great service. Thanks Niranjan!

Apurva Patil - Quality Assurance - Team Leader

Thank you for your all support to the projects in ITFAQ! Really appreciated

Enrico Mareth - Team Lead QA

We used KiwiQA for a security audit of one of our web platforms. It was a very good cooperation and with the excellent reporting and risk assessment we were able to effectively fix existing vulnerabilities.

Eran Kinsbruner - Chief Evangelist, Author

Great service, high skills, responsiveness and delivery on time of software projects

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