Delving into details

Our game testing approach is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each game, ensuring thorough testing for problems that may impact gameplay or player experience. With the rigorous testing methodologies formulated by our experts, KiwiQA aims to enhance the quality, stability, and playability of games, delivering a polished and seamless gaming experience to players.

Delving into details

Localisation and Language Testing:

Localisation testing ensures that the game is appropriately adapted to different regions and languages. Testers verify the accuracy of the translated text, cultural appropriateness, date/time formats, currency displays, and localised audio. This ensures that players from different regions can enjoy the game in their native language and have a localised experience that resonates with their culture.

User Experience Testing

User experience (UX) testing is crucial in game testing to evaluate the overall player experience and engagement. Our testers assess intuitive controls, clear instructions, engaging gameplay mechanics, immersive graphics, and captivating audio.

Bug Reporting

Bug reporting is an integral part of game testing. Our testers document and report any issues, bugs, or glitches encountered during testing, providing detailed steps to reproduce the problem.

How KiwiQA makes a difference

We drive lasting change

To fully comprehend the needs and objectives of game developers, KiwiQA closely collaborates with them, placing a heavy emphasis on collaboration and effective communication. We offer reports, actionable insights, and recommendations to help optimise game performance, fix any usability concerns, and assure compatibility across all platforms and devices.

Bringing your platform to life 

Game testers know how to give game players a thrill-filled and authentic experience. We know the behaviour of your target audiences. Based on that, KiwiQA offers an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Our teams work to fix the most prevalent bugs in the app, including system crashes, game freezing, and progress obstacles. One gaming issue could give users a better impression. You can enhance the functionality of your application after using the game testing service.

Robotium and Appium are two of the many game testing tools and technologies through which we ensure that every game is thoroughly tested and goes through a rigorous procedure to weed out any problem. To ensure complete test coverage for the gaming app, KiwiQA's game testers create a variety of test cases.

Our offering

Heaps of options to choose from

Choose KiwiQA if you want safer and smooth API testing for your software. We provide software testing in the following fields:

Automation Testing

It helps the business to expand fast and progress its testing process. We provide you with this facility at ease and give you quality results.

Mobile Testing

To check the level of functionality and consistency, this test is done by our expert testers through manual or automated API testing services.

Manual Testing

To provide reliable and long-lasting results, this test is being carried on by our experts at KiwiQA.

Security Testing

Security testing types, like penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, security auditing, etc., are carried out by our professionals to secure your software from malicious codes.

Performance Testing

It is done by us to check the performance of your software. And also, how much load it can withstand can be checked in this testing.

Code Verification

Our experts perform these tests to ensure your code is resilient and error-free.

Why KiwiQA?

We fit just right

Our rich game-specific expertise allows us to efficiently test games, identifying gaming-related problems and ensuring a seamless and engaging gaming experience.

Game-specific Expertise

Game-specific Expertise

KiwiQA comprises experts with extensive experience in the gaming sector. We know various gaming platforms, subgenres, and game production methodologies. We can efficiently test games and spot any potential gaming-related problems using this knowledge.

Comprehensive Game Testing Services

Comprehensive Game Testing Services

Functional testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, usability testing, localisation testing, multiplayer testing, and regression testing are just a few of our many game testing services. To create a seamless and engaging gaming experience, KiwiQA testers ensure that games are extensively tested in all relevant areas.

Testing across Platforms and Devices

Testing across Platforms and Devices

Our specialists examine games’ functionality, efficiency, and compatibility across various hardware and operating systems. We evaluate games across multiple platforms, including mobile devices, PCs, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) platforms. Consoles (including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo) are also included.

Domain knowledge

Domain knowledge

With a thorough understanding of testing tools and methodologies, and specific testing like multiplayer testing and localization testing, we can identify bugs, glitches as well as balance issues, and suggest changes to enhance user experience and overall quality.


Methodologies that work

Our methodologies have been formulated after years of scrutinising, learning and developing. Every step is truly a labour of love. We continuously review and refine the testing methodology based on the project's evolving needs, technology advancements, and industry best practices.

  • Testing Objectives and Scope: Define clear testing objectives and scope for the game testing process
  • Target Platforms and Environments: Identify the target platforms where the game will be released, such as PC, consoles, and mobile devices
  • Requirements Analysis: Analyze the game design documents and requirements to gain a comprehensive understanding of the expected gameplay mechanics
  • Regression Test Suite Creation: Develop a regression test suite containing test cases that cover previously identified bugs
  • Stability and Compatibility Testing: Conduct extensive testing to assess the game’s stability and compatibility across various platforms
  • Platform-Specific Testing: Perform specific tests for each target platform to address platform-specific challenges
  • User Feedback Collection: Prioritize user experience testing by gathering feedback from playtesters and end users
  • Usability Assessment: Evaluate the game’s user interface, controls, etc. to ensure that it is intuitive and enjoyable
  • Iterative Development: Use user feedback to drive iterative improvements in the game and implement necessary changes to address identified issues
  • Comprehensive Test Coverage: Design test cases that thoroughly cover various aspects of the game and ensure that all critical functionalities are tested
  • Bugs and Issues Documentation: Diligently monitor and record any encountered bugs, issues, or inconsistencies
  • Test Execution and Reporting: Execute the designed test cases on the game and report test results accurately

AI Transformation Road Map

Bringing your platform to life

Throughout the AI transformation roadmap, we foster collaboration between game testers, developers, AI experts, and stakeholders. Encourage knowledge sharing, training, and upskilling to ensure the successful integration of AI into game testing practices. Continuously review and refine the roadmap based on feedback, emerging AI technologies, and advancements in the gaming industry.


Identifying AI Opportunities in Game Testing

To begin the AI transformation journey for game testing, it is crucial to identify specific areas where AI can enhance the testing process. Analyse the game testing workflow and identify tasks that can benefit from AI techniques.


Data Collection and Preparation

AI models rely on high-quality and diverse datasets for practical training. Collect and curate relevant game data, including player behaviour, gameplay sequences, in-game events, and bug reports. Cleanse and preprocess the data to ensure accuracy and consistency.


AI Model Development and Training

Then, we begin to develop and train AI models tailored explicitly for game testing. Depending on the testing objectives, explore various AI techniques, such as machine learning, reinforcement learning, computer vision, or natural language processing. Train the models using the prepared dataset, optimising for accuracy and performance metrics.


Integration and Automation

Integrate the trained AI models into the game testing ecosystem, aiming for seamless integration and automation. Develop an infrastructure or framework to incorporate AI capabilities into the testing pipeline.

Delivering remarkable changes

We deliver outcomes that matter

Partnering with KiwiQA means getting outcomes that help you address your customer's issues and improve your business.

High-Quality Testing

Thorough testing

Through extensive testing, we direct our expertise in ensuring your game delights the user through immersive and seamless experience, devoid of any bugs.

Early Bug Detection

Early Bug Detection

One of our priorities is to identify bugs early in the process and fix them promptly for minimizing the possibilities of potential disruption later.

Fast Results

Fast Results

We take pride in rapid execution of our services for quick results, thanks to our agile methodologies that prioritize speed and efficiency.

Expediting GTM

Expediting GTM

For businesses, go-to-market often gets delayed due to incomplete or improper testing of their products because of which the product is not market-ready. Our 360-degree testing aims to ensure all necessary tests are completed on time so there are no last-minute delays.

Tools & Technology

Tools & Technology

KiwiQA utilizes advanced testing tools and techniques specifically designed for Game Testing. These tools help in automating the testing process, analysing large volumes of data, detecting anomalies, and ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

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We’re a customer-centric organization, and the words of our customers speak volumes about our QA and software testing capabilities.

John Tooth - CTO

We recently worked with KiwiQA team on a project to perform Load Testing and Security Testing on our environment to get an understanding of our exposure and our system limitations. We ran this as two separate projects and both project leads ran very effectively. We got the outcomes we needed and there was clear communication and flexibility throughout the program. I would recommend KiwiQA team for testing services

Nikhil Goenka - Co-founder

Niranjan & the Kiwi QA team have been excellent. They have a high quality team who has demonstrated great ownership, hustle and have maintained a high quality bar that's akin to the top tech cos. such as Flipkart etc. Would highly recommend Kiwi QA

Natalie Fong - Chief Operating Officer

Finding a good and trustworthy QA service is not easy. I didn’t have any recommendations and searching online gave me thousands of QA service companies. KiwiQA caught my immediate attention as their website explained their QA services in a "healthy" way. So, I contacted Niranjan through LinkedIn. Niranjan gave me the requisite information along with a complete quotation within a few hours after the virtual discussion. We started the partnership in June 2022. In these few months, we are happy with the working attitude, and professionalism of the QA team. We will definitely continue working with them to ensure our platform Wesurance 360 and all new features would be delivered successfully. Thank you, Niranjan for your support!

Mirko Siegel - Chief Technical Officer

KiwiQA has been providing advanced software solution testing services to Genix Ventures Pty Ltd for several years. The services included functional testing as well as load testing and test automation. We were very happy with KiwiQA's services and we can strongly recommend KiwiQA to other companies!

Scott Hunley - Devops Manager

We use KiwiQA for our large custom projects. One of our custom sites their normal flow of automation testing was not going to work. They quickly found and implemented a solution. KiwiQA is very detail oriented and has great communication. They are a pleasure to work with.

Ken Murai - Founder and CEO

We have been working with KiwiQA for several years and really come to rely upon them. They have a terrific team of people, and I rely on them to do a thorough job.

Rebecca VanZutphen - Founder

It was a pleasure to work with Niranjan and his team of dedicated and comprehensive testers. Looking forward to our next engagement with the KiwiQA team, and having Niranjan oversee another successful project for us. A great experience full of support and passion to deliver a great service. Thanks Niranjan!

Apurva Patil - Quality Assurance - Team Leader

Thank you for your all support to the projects in ITFAQ! Really appreciated

Enrico Mareth - Team Lead QA

We used KiwiQA for a security audit of one of our web platforms. It was a very good cooperation and with the excellent reporting and risk assessment we were able to effectively fix existing vulnerabilities.

Eran Kinsbruner - Chief Evangelist, Author

Great service, high skills, responsiveness and delivery on time of software projects

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