Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


We take a purpose-built testing approach

KiwiQA was founded on the principle of delivering a smooth experience for the growth of its clients. We allow you to use our comprehensive testing services to improve your software and stay ahead of the competition. You may always count on us to lend a helping hand…

Our quality assurance activities are focused on comparison testing and program evaluation to produce high-quality, well-functioning software and online applications. We examine software adaptability, find faults, and rectify error logs through consistent testing to ensure your program meets the criteria. Consider the difference that thorough testing can make.

Enjoy agile frameworks and meticulous attention to detail on your software, resulting in scalable and dependable outcomes. Release your items more quickly by having them tested more thoroughly.



Our Impact

Provide the best software testing solutions possible to improve our client’s applications’ performance, reliability and security. We achieve this through our experienced team of skilled engineers, advanced tools and a dedication to excellence. We aim to go above and beyond for our clients, building strong relationships and fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and ongoing growth.


Our Aspirations

To be a top leader in software testing, delivering excellent solutions and services to clients worldwide. We strive to build trust, respect, and success for our clients in everything we do.


The force that drive us

We strongly emphasise value creation and passionately believe in going above and beyond for our clients. Our efforts are focused on going above and beyond what is expected of us, which helps us stand out from the crowd.

customer first

Customer First

Customer First Technology drives KiwiQA, but people are at the heart of our existence. That is why we insist on making our customers happy and making them our priority.



A group that works well together stays together! We don’t have employees but partners who collaborate to achieve the best results. Our teams collaborate and operate in unison, leaving no stone unturned.



KiwiQA means a sure-fire mark of quality. We take pride in offering the most refined work in our business, and we validate your product with the most excellent testing tools and procedures available.


A nostalgic stroll down KiwiQA's memory lane

We believe it is critical to recall and remind yourself of your roots, which have led you to where you are now. This thinking prompts me to reflect on KiwiQA’s history since its beginnings.








Gathering accolades as we began our journey
  • KiwiQA identified among one of the 20 Most Promising QA Testing Providers: Silicon India
  • KiwiQA listed as 10 Fastest Growing Software Testing Companies of 2016
More awards on the way

KiwiQA placed among the 10 Most Admired QA & Software Testing Solution providers: InsightsSuccess.in

Going global

KiwiQA established a strong presence in Sydney, Australia

List of honors goes on
  • KiwiQA awarded with Small Business Champion Awards Australia by Precedent Productions
  • Mr Niranjan Limbachiya (CEO) reaches the Finalist Rising stars of Australian IT: iTnews Benchmark
  • NSW Government Vendor for ICT Services 0020 approved

KiwiQA sets foot in the UK with UK website to cater to the local markets

KiwiQA launches
One more office opens in India
  • Accomplishes 100 permanent staff members.
  • Established Bangalore office to achieve the 2025 growth plan

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CRN: 22318-Q15-001