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A vital component of evaluating the security of software systems and networks is penetration testing, and KiwiQA is a reputable supplier of these services. With a group of knowledgeable, ethical hackers and security professionals, KiwiQA has experience finding vulnerabilities, evaluating security measures, and assisting organisations in fortifying their defences against potential cyber threats.



KiwiQA’s penetration testing services encompass many areas, including web applications, networks, mobile applications, cloud infrastructure, and IoT devices.


KiwiQA’s penetration testing aims to identify vulnerabilities that malicious attackers could exploit and provide actionable recommendations to mitigate risks.


KiwiQA understands the importance of compliance with industry regulations and standards. This enables organisations to demonstrate their commitment to data security and protect sensitive customer information.

How KiwiQA makes a difference

Bringing your platform to life

Collaboration and communication are integral to KiwiQA as a penetration testing company. We engage with clients throughout the testing cycle. This collaborative approach ensures transparency and enables organisations to make informed decisions regarding their security posture.

Bringing your platform to life

KiwiQA has a team of skilled, ethical hackers with extensive knowledge and experience in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in controlled environments. Our expertise allows us to uncover potential security flaws that malicious attackers could exploit.

Our teams go beyond identifying vulnerabilities. We provide actionable recommendations and guidance on how to remediate the identified issues. Our detailed reports include prioritised recommendations, allowing organisations to effectively address the most critical security risks.

KiwiQA aims to improve penetration testing services continuously. We constantly update their knowledge, skills, and methodologies to stay ahead of emerging threats and technologies. This ensures our clients receive the most up-to-date and effective penetration testing services.

Our offering

Heaps of options to choose from

At KiwiQA, penetration testing encompasses a series of testing services that eventually make up for the unique testing suite that we offer to our clients.

Web Application Testing

In-depth penetration testing starts with the complex and time-consuming web application testing process where we identify the weak points in the application.

Network Service Testing

Next up, it is essential to identify the security weaknesses in your organization’s network infrastructure. Since it concerns the security of the entire organization, this testing is super crucial.

Wireless Network Testing

Testing of the wireless network begins with a thorough analysis of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and others to look for any loopholes in the security. However, the testing extends to admin credentials too.

Client-Side Testing

It is imperative to find out if any unsafe items are present on the client’s software which can make their computer vulnerable. For this, we test the apps that directly access the internet or materials downloaded from the internet

Social Engineering Testing

Social engineering in terms of an organization is a practice of driving employees into revealing confidential information. Such a type of testing has to be performed physically.

Cloud Testing

We identify the vulnerabilities and risks in cloud-based environments by checking the security of cloud infrastructure and configurations, and suggest corrective actions to fix them.

Why KiwiQA?

We fit just right

Reporting and Recommendations: After performing penetration tests, KiwiQA delivers comprehensive reports that include the vulnerabilities found, their effects, and suggested repair methods. We rank our findings in order of severity and offer doable advice for successfully addressing the found vulnerabilities.

Compliance and Regulatory Expertise

Compliance and Regulatory Expertise

Compliance and regulatory requirements are crucial in various businesses. Our teams are knowledgeable about norms and laws. To meet our client’s unique compliance needs, we ensure that the penetration tests align with them.

Confidentiality and Ethics

Confidentiality and Ethics

We recognise the sensitivity of the data involved in penetration testing. Throughout the testing procedure, we scrupulously uphold moral standards and preserve the privacy of our client’s data. Our testers secure customer information in a responsible and qualified manner.

Reporting and Recommendations

Reporting and Recommendations

After performing penetration tests, KiwiQA delivers comprehensive reports that include the vulnerabilities found, their effects, and suggested repair methods. We rank our findings in order of severity and offer doable advice for successfully addressing the found vulnerabilities.



As a definitive outcome of our services, you get the maximum return on the investment you make in us for the testing purposes, which might translate into enhanced product, safer environment, etc.



Methodologies that work

Penetration testing services should be performed by qualified and experienced professionals who adhere to ethical standards and legal requirements. Regularly review and update the methodology based on emerging threats, industry best practices, and lessons learned from previous engagements.

  • Engagement Goals and Objectives: Clearly define the goals and objectives of the penetration testing engagement
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to identify the scope of the testing
  • Rules of Engagement: Establish the rules of engagement, outlining the testing methodologies to be used
  • Information Gathering Techniques: Gather information about the target system, identifying potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors
  • Attack Surface Identification: Conduct in-depth reconnaissance to identify the attack surface of the target
  • Threat Modeling: Analyze the collected data to create a threat model
  • Simulated Attack Scenarios: Employ appropriate tools and techniques to attempt exploitation of the identified vulnerabilities
  • Attack Vector Testing: Test various attack vectors to comprehensively assess the system’s security posture
  • Impact Analysis: Assess the potential impact of successful exploits
  • Comprehensive Report Preparation: Document all findings in a detailed report for executive summary to the management
  • Recommended Remediation Measures: Provide specific and actionable remediation recommendations to address the vulnerabilities
  • Follow-up Assessment: Conduct a follow-up assessment to validate the effectiveness of the remediation efforts

AI Transformation Road Map

Bringing your platform to life

The AI transformation roadmap emphasises the importance of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous learning between penetration testers, AI experts, and stakeholders. Establish feedback loops to gather insights and adapt the AI models to emerging threats and new attack vectors. Regularly review and refine the roadmap based on feedback, technological advancements, and evolving industry standards.


Assessing AI Readiness in Penetration Testing

To initiate an AI transformation roadmap for a penetration testing company, assessing the organisation’s AI readiness is crucial. This assessment will provide insights into the organisation’s readiness to leverage AI in penetration testing activities.


Data Collection and Preparation

AI models rely on high-quality and diverse datasets for practical training. Employing techniques such as data augmentation, data combination, or synthetic data generation to enhance the dataset becomes essential.


AI Model Development and Training

Our teams develop and train AI models tailored explicitly for penetration testing. We explore various AI techniques, such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and anomaly detection. We continuously evaluate and improve the models based on feedback and evaluation metrics.


Integration and Automation

It’s time to integrate the trained AI models into the penetration testing workflow, aiming for seamless integration and automation- develop an infrastructure existing penetration testing process. Integrate AI models with testing tools, security frameworks, or custom scripts to automate specific testing tasks, such as vulnerability scanning or anomaly.

Delivering remarkable changes

We deliver outcomes that matter

With KiwiQA as your testing partner, it is all about outcomes that are meant to resolve issues and boost business growth.

Vulnerability Identification

Vulnerability Identification

Penetration testing conducted by KiwiQA aims to identify weaknesses in your system, network, or application. By identifying vulnerabilities, KiwiQA provides a detailed report outlining the security risks and their potential impact on your systems.

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

KiwiQA’s penetration testing helps mitigate risks by providing actionable insights and recommendations to strengthen your security posture. The detailed findings from the penetration testing process enable you to prioritise and address the identified vulnerabilities effectively.


Increased Trust and Confidence

Undertaking penetration testing with a reputable provider like KiwiQA demonstrates your commitment to security and proactively safeguarding your systems. Penetration testing also provides evidence of your due diligence in protecting sensitive information.

Reduced network downtime

Reduced network downtime

Through vulnerability discovery, we identify the weaknesses in the infrastructure and help fix them before it results in any significant impact on the organization. In turn, this saves you from hefty losses too.

Tools & Technology Intro

Tools & Technology

KiwiQA utilizes advanced penetration testing tools and techniques that can simulate real attacks and pinpoint the gaps making it prone to attacks. We employ a combination of automated scanning tools and manual testing methodologies to uncover both common and complex security flaws. This approach allows for a more comprehensive assessment of the system's security.

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The words of our clients (re)commend our services, always

We’re a customer-centric organization, and the words of our customers speak volumes about our QA and software testing capabilities.

Elvin Eldić - Co-Founder & CEO, Shukur

Collaborating with KiwiQA has been pivotal for our fintech platform, Shukur. Their meticulous attention to detail and professionalism throughout the QA process is truly exceptional. With their expertise, every facet of our platform underwent rigorous testing, ensuring no issues slipped through the cracks. We're immensely thankful for KiwiQA's unwavering dedication to quality assurance. Their contribution has been invaluable, and we wholeheartedly endorse their services to anyone seeking top-tier QA support.

John Tooth - CTO

We recently worked with KiwiQA team on a project to perform Load Testing and Security Testing on our environment to get an understanding of our exposure and our system limitations. We ran this as two separate projects and both project leads ran very effectively. We got the outcomes we needed and there was clear communication and flexibility throughout the program. I would recommend KiwiQA team for testing services

Nikhil Goenka - Co-founder

Niranjan & the Kiwi QA team have been excellent. They have a high quality team who has demonstrated great ownership, hustle and have maintained a high quality bar that's akin to the top tech cos. such as Flipkart etc. Would highly recommend Kiwi QA

Natalie Fong - Chief Operating Officer

Finding a good and trustworthy QA service is not easy. I didn’t have any recommendations and searching online gave me thousands of QA service companies. KiwiQA caught my immediate attention as their website explained their QA services in a "healthy" way. So, I contacted Niranjan through LinkedIn. Niranjan gave me the requisite information along with a complete quotation within a few hours after the virtual discussion. We started the partnership in June 2022. In these few months, we are happy with the working attitude, and professionalism of the QA team. We will definitely continue working with them to ensure our platform Wesurance 360 and all new features would be delivered successfully. Thank you, Niranjan for your support!

Mirko Siegel - Chief Technical Officer

KiwiQA has been providing advanced software solution testing services to Genix Ventures Pty Ltd for several years. The services included functional testing as well as load testing and test automation. We were very happy with KiwiQA's services and we can strongly recommend KiwiQA to other companies!

Scott Hunley - Devops Manager

We use KiwiQA for our large custom projects. One of our custom sites their normal flow of automation testing was not going to work. They quickly found and implemented a solution. KiwiQA is very detail oriented and has great communication. They are a pleasure to work with.

Ken Murai - Founder and CEO

We have been working with KiwiQA for several years and really come to rely upon them. They have a terrific team of people, and I rely on them to do a thorough job.

Rebecca VanZutphen - Founder

It was a pleasure to work with Niranjan and his team of dedicated and comprehensive testers. Looking forward to our next engagement with the KiwiQA team, and having Niranjan oversee another successful project for us. A great experience full of support and passion to deliver a great service. Thanks Niranjan!

Apurva Patil - Quality Assurance - Team Leader

Thank you for your all support to the projects in ITFAQ! Really appreciated

Enrico Mareth - Team Lead QA

We used KiwiQA for a security audit of one of our web platforms. It was a very good cooperation and with the excellent reporting and risk assessment we were able to effectively fix existing vulnerabilities.

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