5 Most Popular Open Source Security Testing Tools

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Open Source Security Testing Tools
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Open-source security testing tools is on a roll these days. It won’t be wrong to claim that today almost every organization uses some kind of open source security testing tools. Moreover, a significant percentage of companies are entirely dependent upon open source security testing tools. It is now obvious that there are some incredible advantages with open source security testing tools, making these such dependable.

First Of All, Let’s Discuss About Benefits of Open Security Testing Tools

1. No Budget-Related Worries

Open-source security testing tools being availed for free is one of the prime reasons behind their popularity. No need is to worry about licensing and all. Rather, these tools can be installed in any number of devices.

2. Always Available for Customization

As far as customizing is concerned, an open-source security testing tool is indeed the best option. It allows users to do the needful tweaks to fulfill the requirements of the concerned organization.

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3. No Additional Costs for Maintenance

With a massive active member base, these tools indeed make things easy from maintenance perspectives. Additionally, there are no customization or software integration expenses associated.

4. Least Security Threats

It can be claimed that open source security testing tools with huge active member base are absolutely devoid of security threats. Moreover, as these tools are updated in a pretty consistent fashion, there remains no scope for security breaches.

5 Most Updated Open Source Security Testing Tools

If you are in search of the best open source security testing tools in modern times, the following options will be most recommended.

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1. Wapiti

Wapiti is one of the very popular open-source security testing tools through which the security aspects of an application can be assessed. Distinguishing specs like ‘black box testing’ of the tool enables users in checking the probable security threats. Through the process of testing, the tool goes through the web pages and puts the testing information to enquire whether there is any security issue.

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2. Zed Attack Proxy

Zed Attack Proxy is also popularly called as ZAP, one of the much buzzed open-source testing tool. It is supported by all platforms, and it enables users to figure out the whole range of security threats in applications. Distinguishing part about the tool is its ability to figure out security threats even when the development process goes on. It is one of the most user-friendly tools with auto-scanner and dynamic SSL certification feature.

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3. Vega

Vega is one of the most powerful open source testing tools scripted in JAVA. The app is thoroughly user-friendly with its high-end GUI interface. The tool is perfectly compatible with all operating system platforms, be it about Windows or Mac OS. It lets users in fixing preferences, like a number of requests within a specific time, amount of nodes, etc.

The tool can be used as an automated scanner as well upon being provided with due credentials. It thus is considered the most effective tool to be functioned as a proxy scanner. Starting from figuring out SQL injection to authenticating the same, integrating files to enhancing the security of the TLS servers, the testing tool comes with a range of distinguishing features.

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4. W3af

W3af is another highly renowned open-source tool developed on Python. The tool is known for offering a highly useful platform for penetration testing. An explicit part of the tool is its ability to identify a huge range of security issues, or even more than 200 kinds, starting from SQL injection to scripting across the site. The tool is useful in finding blind SQL injection threats, vulnerable DAV configuration, threats of buffer overflow, etc. It is quite user-friendly with handy GUI interface, as well as the console interface. The tool enables in authenticating the site through proper modules.

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5. Skipfish

Skipfish is a highly efficient open-source testing tool that goes through the website meticulously and keeps check of each of the page from the perspective of security threats. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive audit report, as well. The tool developed in C is quite known for involving least CPU footprint. In fact, it is thoroughly optimized for HTTP handling as well.

As far as efficacy is concerned, this tool can deal with more than two thousand requests in one second. Interestingly, it handles without showing any kind of CPU footprint. Through its heuristics mode through the process of crawling and testing, the tool delivers superior outcomes. It is compatible with all renowned platforms, starting from Linux, Windows, to Mac.

All said and done; it can be concluded that open source security testing tools provide every reason to be popular among modern-day business groups. Specifically, small businesses can be greatly benefited through it.

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