AI For Testing: Making Things Autonomous and Perfect

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AI Testing
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There are many random perceptions about Artificial Intelligence. Not just perceptions; many people fear as well about losing their job due to artificial intelligence. To be specific, the testing professionals often remain in doubts about whether artificial intelligence will take over the traditional forms of testing jobs. However, the perceptions of such are mere doubts.

Artificial Intelligence is going to help the testing and quality assurance team. The thing is, people lack fundamental knowledge regarding AI testing, which gives rise the doubts of such. In this context, given below are the six levels of AI testing that can clear the doubts as explained above.

Stage 1

After completion of application test, when a testing professional goes for writing the automation code, the task looks quite repetitive. In fact, including a simple field itself considered as a form of test. Through the process, the number of tests increases. There remains the possibility of tests failing when a developer goes for any drastic change with the application. Hence, it is essential to go through each test that didn’t work to ensure that the issue is real or a similar kind.

Stage 2

Autonomous testing powered by AI can be significant at this level. More the efficiently AI goes through an app, the better can be the concerned product. Not just the DOM, rather a proper image should be there for AI to go through. After all, the direct object model presents only 50% of the image. In modern times, AI can help you in preparing test codes by scripting down the entire thing. It means you are doing your test; AI simply doing some parts automatically. AI can help in ensuring whether a test works. It notifies when the tests fail; also, lets you know whether it is a genuine mistake or due to change in the tool itself.

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Stage 3

Checking things at each step, for each failure, can be challenging work. Specifically, it can be boring if similar things appear in many cases. At the second stage, if AI gets to distinguish the things, it can easily cut short the process through autonomous. It would notify the tester about the repetitive changes occurring.

Stage 4

Though at the second stage the AI can read the modifications, it indeed fails to decide about the entire page. There needs to be a base for such a comparison. This is where the 3rd level comes handy. Through the help of advanced techniques, it can detect the flaws at each page. In fact, at this stage, it can keep check of the data and find out that the entire numeric should be within a certain range. AI can even now assess the pages without the involvement of humans simply by understanding the design. It can even understand the minor changes that can be ignored. It can go through the range of test outcomes and check how things modify with time.


Stage 5

Artificial intelligence test at stage four is all about carrying out the test by its own. As at this level AI can test a page and go through like a human, it can get every detail. As it understands the interactions well, carrying tests becomes even easier. Understanding the human or user understanding well, a great level of perfection can be expected.

Stage 6

Honestly, many people may not believe this is a reality at this level. It’s very much like a conversation. In this level, artificial intelligence can remain in conversation, get every detail about the application; hence, naturally, can do the entire test. However, as getting to understand the description of an app of a product manager is almost impossible for humans, AI needs to be even more intelligent.

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Present State

Talking about the present state, level 1 AI is very much ready. Level two is also looking very much achievable. Though the level 3 is still being advanced, it is speculated to reach very soon. Talking about the fourth level, it is indeed in future. But, it is speculated than only within the upcoming ten years, this level is also going to be perfect.


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Conclusion: Is It Going To Kill Your Job?

To conclude things, people those who are worried about AI or fear about losing their jobs, should make sure that AI is simply going to make their task look simpler. All that AI can do is, to automate the things. Yes, it can automate the visual parts as well. But, a tester is the one who has to direct it; or use it.

The funny part is that the human mind is the most complex software ever. No matter how complex a device is, AI is there to understand and address the baffling aspect. But understanding the perplexing human interactions based on emotions is certainly not going to be understood by the AI. In short, it can automate the process to a great extent.

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