Dos and Don’ts For A Productive Software Testing Approach

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Dos and Don’ts For A Productive Software Testing Approach
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As businesses grow over time, there needs to keep changing rapidly. Their competition with their rivals also becomes tougher, and the expectation of the users becomes higher. To meet all these factors efficiently, businesses need to modify their software testing strategy and approach from time to time.

They must adopt the newer software testing tools and technologies, being released into the market regularly. The businesses should ensure that they are incorporating the latest and most advanced mechanisms in their testing approach. Many businesses in the IT sector often commit common silly mistakes while carrying out software testing on their products.

An ineffective testing approach can result in a weak end product. Hence, it is very critical to ensure that you follow a powerful and credible software testing method. Here are some essential tips to help you in better execution of your software testing processes. So let’s quickly go ahead and briefly discuss these basic dos and don’ts.

These Are What You Should Be Doing for Software Testing – The Dos

  • Continue Learning

This is one of the essential tips to keep in mind throughout your life as a tester. Never stop learning. Keep acquiring knowledge about the latest advancements in software testing. Be alert about the new tools and technologies being introduced in the market. All these can help you in mitigating potential flaws in the various areas of software testing.

  • Improve Your Check Automation Skills

Knowing how to automate checks using programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, Ruby, or JavaScript, is essential. Though this skill is a bit tough to master in, this expertise is essential. You should be able to create automated checks over every pyramid level. Consider spending as much time as required in improving your expertise in this particular area.

  • Manage The Testing Environments Effectively

There was a time when the software testers called out for implementation and kept waiting. However, today the scenario is not the same. At present, you must be capable of managing your environment and preparing the relevant scripts. There are many critical things to learn regarding this area, but you do not need to be an expert. Just have the basic knowledge about the various useful tools.

  • Adopt Agile Principles; Enhance Social Skills

Developing software products is more of social activity. Code worms are not desirable. The software testers should know how to inculcate value in the team. They should be alert not only about the latest features, but even about the unit tests, refactoring, and quality. Adopting agile testing is very critical for every business.

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  • Identify Your Potential And Become A Pro In A Single Type Of Software Testing

As a software product tester, identify your true potentials. Develop yourself more in the area where your interests lie. Master in all the skills needed for that particular type of software testing. Do not be a “Jack of all trades and master of none.”

  • Consider Enhancing Your Mobile Testing Strategies

The consumers are more addicted to their smartphones, and they use them for almost every purpose. Hence, every business should have rich expertise in mobile testing.

These Are What You Shouldn’t Be Doing for Software Testing – The Don’ts

  • Do Not Underestimate Manual Testing

Considering this tip is essential to improve your testing approach and deliver an excellent product to the market. Test automation is not at all a replacement of manual testing. It is just an addition to it. Even today there are many areas in software testing where manual testing works far better than test automation. Make sure you correctly identify the places where only manual testing holds good.

  • Do Not Assume Things

While building a testing strategy or carrying out a testing process, you should never assume things. If you are confused at any point, ask questions and clarify your doubts before venturing further in the task. Making assumptions can cost you heavily later on.

  • Don’t Update Test Cases During Their Execution

Never update the test cases when they are going through the process of execution. Track all the alterations and update by written reference. Updating the test cases by the feel or look of the software application is never a good practice. Hence, consider doing so only by referring to a well-structured written document such as an SRS (Software Requirement Specification).

Testing is a major part of the entire software development cycle and can never really be ignored. Businesses should invest a good amount of time in the effective planning of their testing strategies and approaches. Quality testing can give your users a good experience, increasing their credibility and making your application popular in the market.

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