Everything You Should Know About Software Accessibility Testing

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Software Accessibility Testing
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Software accessibility testing is a part of the usability testing. In accessibility testing the software product is verified for the end users who are differently abled people, suffering from hearing disorders, color blindness, etc. Such users generally need assistive technology for helping them in accessing the software product.

Different Types of Assistive Technologies

1. Screen Reader

This software is very helpful for people who face difficulties in speaking. Such people can enter the required text as an input and can receive the output in the form of spoken words.

2. Screen Magnifier

This software is useful for enlarging things on the computer screen so that it becomes readable to the people who may be suffering from impaired vision or low eyesight.

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3. Screen Recognizer

This software is useful for converting spoken words to text and providing the same as an input into the system.

4. Braille Keyboard

The Braille keyboard is a unique type of keyboard that is developed for the end users who may be blind. These users can have easy interaction with the system using this device for entering text as an input.

Why Is Software Accessibility Testing Needed?

Blessing For The Differently Abled Users

Using a computer is very difficult for people suffering from disability issues. Software accessibility testing ensures that those differently abled end users can conveniently use the software installed in their computer system.

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Government Laws

Many nations across the globe have issued legislation that requires the software products to be accessible by the differently abled users. To abide by these laws, such nations need to perform accessibility testing on their software product.

Preventing Undesirable Potential Legal Suits

If a particular software product does not satisfy the necessities of differently abled end users and those users are in a nation where software accessibility testing has been made legally mandatory by the government, the organization can face a potential lawsuit. Hence, software accessibility testing should be conducted to ensure the application satisfies the needs of all the users.

Outsource Testing Service

The software accessibility testing makes sure that a software product can be used easily by the end users who are suffering from some type of disabilities. This must be captured properly in the SRS regarding the end users’ nature, and by this scope, the accessibility testing must be designed.

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