Five Signs Your Business Needs QA Consulting Services

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Five Signs Your Business Needs QA Consulting Services
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As a business, your first priority should be to release a top-notch quality product for your end-users (or customers). However, this is easier said than done since acute importance must be given to the quality assurance of the web product.

A major challenge lies ahead if companies do not have strong or experienced QA professionals on their payrolls. Thorough testing results in unearthing bugs in the software product and those hidden problems might start looking like a time ticking bomb. Remember, it’s a race against time!

This is where QA Consulting can play a major role in contributing positively to the quality assurance of the web products. Companies like KiwiQA are pioneers when it comes to providing QA consulting services to their clients. KiwiQA has extensive expertise in different facets of testing (e.g. automation testing, manual testing, regression testing, and more).

In this blog, we cover the core reasons why your business should partner with a reputed QA consulting company.

Poor Product Quality

Whether you are building a product for consumers or customers, the crux is to maintain consistent quality of the product. Do you know that customer acquisition is much more difficult than customer retention? In fact, acquiring new customers is close to 6-7x times more expensive than retaining the existing ones.

Poor product quality can act against your product and damage your company’s brand. This is where company that provides QA consulting services can do wonders for your product. QA consultants not only have huge industry experience but they also have deeper understanding about the various business scenarios.

QA consulting companies have QA expertise due to which they are in a better position to perform quality assurance audit and assurance of the software product. The assessment approach taken by an experienced QA consulting company can help in fixing the leaky taps when it comes to quality assurance of the product.

Company like KiwiQA which is a proven expert into providing QA consulting services can pitch in to devise a fool-proof testing strategy that eventually helps in releasing a quality software product.

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Slow Product Releases

Time to market (TTM) is one of the major factors that can make or break a web product. You should neither be ahead nor behind the time. Lengthy development cycles is one of the major factors that can impact the product release time.

Here are some of the major factors that can elongate the product release cycle:

  • Inaccurate usage of web automation testing practices (and tools)

  • Inadequate test infrastructure

  • Tight release cycles leaving less time for product testing

  • Non-usage of tools that facilitate end-to-end testing and parallel testing

  • Lack of trained and experienced resources into QA testing

This is where a quality QA consulting company can pitch in and setup the right testing methodologies in place. Experts in the company can identify the potential loopholes in product testing and suggest an approach to expedite the testing process. As per a world quality report, close to 61 percent of the respondents have difficulties in setting up automation testing strategy. QA consultants have significant experience with automation testing tools and frameworks. This experience can be super handy in introducing test automation for your project.

Needless to mention that a great automation testing strategy can go a long way in accelerating the test execution time. This in turn helps in timely release of the product.

App & Game Testing

Here are the major pointers that QA consulting companies take into consideration when devising an automation testing strategy:

  • Identification of tasks that are mundane, repetitive, and time consuming in nature

  • Identification of business critical use cases that can be tested using automation testing frameworks

  • Identification of product features that have to be tested on different browser and device configurations

  • Identification of core features that have to be tested on varied levels of loads

Once these basic tasks are identified, QA consultants can define the right testing methods (e.g. unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, load testing, etc.) based on the type and complexity of the software product. QA consultants can also suggest the best testing infrastructure (e.g. on premises, cloud-based, or hybrid) as per the project needs.

The overall result is a reduced delivery timeline, improved ROI, and exceptional product quality that your customers would love!

Testing Service

QA activities that fit the project budget

Project costs should be kept under check, irrespective of the size or scale of the project. The costs of quality assurance can increase exponentially if the right testing practices are not implemented for the project.

Usage of inefficient testing methodologies is one of the major reasons why your testing budget might be overshooting the roof. Companies that provide professional QA consulting services can be of huge value add as they have the expertise to review the QA expenses and suggest improvement plans that help in increasing the testing efficiency.

QA consulting professionals study every nook and corner of the project to suggest changes for reducing the cost of the QA process. KiwiQA, an expert QA consulting company has helped a number of customers in optimizing the testing process for a wide range of software projects.

Partnering with a company that provides QA consulting services can reap significant benefits in the long run, something that is unimaginable with a local QA team.

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Lack of full stack testing expertise

Your company might have in-house testing resources but it is essential to have expertise in the testing domain. Hiring resources with full-stack testing expertise can cost dearly to the company.

Rather than getting into recurring expenses, its essential to onboard QA consulting company that can provide resources that have expertise in full stack testing.

Testing professionals from the software consulting company can co-work with the in-house team in setting up the entire QA process. They can work on developing an effective quality evaluation and suggest automation strategies that make the most out of the internal QA team as well as the outsourced QA team.

Unnecessary hiring and developing an effective testing culture is possible by partnering with a top QA consulting company like KiwiQA.

Testing Experts

Overloaded QA Engineers

In most organizations, QA engineers are overloaded since they work on multiple projects. Due to this, they cannot work with full potential on all the projects. Such a situation can be detrimental to the project as well as the company.

An experienced QA consulting company that provides testing resources on demand can be very handy in such kind of scenarios. Their QA engineers can work in collaboration with the in-house QA engineers for the betterment of the project.

Experienced QA resources from the consulting company can recommend new approaches to software testing and provide feedback on the best-suited test automation tools that can do wonders for the project.

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Outsourcing QA efforts can reap significant benefits to enterprises, irrespective of the size & scale of the project. Companies like KiwiQA that provide a range of QA consulting services can add value to every aspect of software project, particularly automation testing of the project.

Companies can save significant money by outsourcing QA activities to a QA consulting company that can add huge value to project (as well as the organization).

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