IoT Testing: Vital Points Which You Should Know About It

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by Niranjan Limbachiya | July 20, 2017 | IoT Testing | 0 Comment |
IOT Testing
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Unlike some decades back, today the basic needs of human life are not limited to only food, clothing, and shelter. Mankind has evolved a lot over time, and today the fundamental motto is to make things better and a way simpler. With technology developing at a rapid pace, humans want to achieve more in a lesser time. Talking in simpler terms, the idea is to make things easier than ever before.

The reign of the Internet of Things (IoT) has indeed brought a wave of revolution. It has changed the way technology used to perform earlier, and mankind used to survive then. Things are now much simpler, remote, and easy to achieve.

Why IoT?

    • Enhanced machine-to-machine interaction.
    • Multiple protocol development.
    • Development as well as the integration of technologies like embedded systems, cloud computing, nano-electronics, etc.

Testing IoT

IoT testing is very important to release effective software products on the market. A business cannot ignore IoT testing if it wants to provide its product users security, better interaction, and enhanced usability.

Test Approaches for IoT

A testing team that is planning IoT testing should implement test approaches to check:

  • Usability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Connectivity
  • Compatibility
  • Pilot testing
  • Regulatory testing

Software Testing Outsourcing

The IoT organizations must consider what type of test concepts must be included in their testing plan including:

  • Vulnerability-based testing
  • Test tools
  • Testing lab setup
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Test techniques.
  • Report and documentation

IoT Testing Challenges

  1. Replicating the environment needed for IoT is quite expensive and requires a lot of effort.
  2. Different third party groups generally possess the sub-components, services, and subsystems that are interconnected. If a user fails to access one dependent subsystem, testing process of the entire system will get adversely affected.

  3. For obtaining the correct test data across various systems, a lot of organization and effort among several teams is needed.

  4. The gadget that is available to test may not be of the adequate capacity or may be unavailable at the required time.

  5. The system under test might be of bad quality or may not have the correct accuracy required for testing.

  6. Complexity.
  7. Compatibility problems.
  8. Connectivity problems.
  9. Privacy or security problems.
  10. Power problems.
  11. Safety issues.

The Best Practices for IoT Testing

  • The testing teams need to focus on excellent testing methodologies to implement testing jobs more efficiently. Well-defined needs, effective test plan, effective communication, integration testing, and unit testing are the major parameters of IoT testing.

  • The testing teams should even possess a good understanding and in-depth knowledge about the architectures, hardware, operating system, protocols, applications, and shortcomings to create good and effective test cases.

  • If the primary functionalities are fixed within a powerful backend, then consider testing the backend functionalities using the usual testing methodologies, approaches, and tools.

  • New platforms facilitate effective communication for obtaining valid information from the large volumes of unprocessed data. This ensures good system framework for backing up real-time applications. The testing teams may also consider using cutting-edge tools, simulators, and consoles for better execution of software projects.

IoT is here for a purpose, and it will continue to expand, develop, and propagate. It will rule the industry in the upcoming years. Hence, it is very critical for the businesses operating in the IT industry to understand the full scope of IoT testing and adopt efficient tools and practices to implement the same correctly. The right approach to IoT testing can help businesses achieve an edge over their competitors and stand out.

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