Tips To Enhance Your Mobile Testing Strategy

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by Mit Thakkar | December 14, 2018 | Mobile Testing | 3 Comment |
mobile testing strategy
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Mobile testing often can pose to be a unique challenge for the app testers. Hence, taking careful decisions is very important for developing an effective mobile testing strategy. There is a lot of possibility of a particular strategy to go wrong. So the mobile app testers need to pay attention to details and put the best foot forward.

Enlisted below are the top 6 guidelines that will help you to enhance your mobile app testing approach. Consider these tips for a productive approach to mobile testing.

General Tips for Enhancing Mobile Testing

1. Carry Out Mobile Testing On The Real Devices

Emulators are good for the early-phase testing, and also they hold an important position in the entire QA process. But running all the tests on emulators will not do any good to your apps. They may fail on the real devices. On real devices, you can test a lot of major device capabilities such as GPS, battery, connectivity, camera, and SMS functionality.

2. Automate Your Mobile Testing Process

When it comes to mobile apps testing, consider automating the process. Automation allows you to run tests parallel across many emulators as well as real devices. This also speeds up the test results, allowing you to get your applications faster to the market. However, do not automate every test. Some tests are better tested manually.

3. Take Care Of Load And Performance Testing

Testing early in the cycle is great for identifying bugs beforehand, but load and performance testing should be carried out later. Moreover, consider testing performance on various real devices for checking for problems such as memory leaks, call interruptions, etc. Ensure a broad spectrum of effective tactics for executing load and performance testing.

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4. Make Use Of Mobile-Specific Tools

For carrying out mobile testing in the right manner, you need tools and equipment that are designed specifically for that purpose. Today, a lot of capable tools are available in the market for various goals related to mobile testing.

5. Make Security A Top-Most Priority

Our devices store a huge amount of data, and they are online almost all the time. This implies that they are quite easily traceable. Hence, ensure your mobile testing strategy gives priority to security. Check if the communications are encrypted and highly secured. Also, make sure that the authentication processes are secure enough.

6. Adopt Cloud Solutions

Adopting cloud solutions for your mobile testing can be very effective. Leveraging cloud-based testing platforms can provide you with the necessary tools for decreasing the overall time-to-market for your software product. These tools can also be of great help in improving the quality of your software.

Mobile testing can prove to be a difficult task especially when the landscape is continuously changing. But, the basic principles will always remain the same. Ensure the right combination of tools and principles to achieve the expected success.

The tips mentioned above will guide you throughout your mobile application testing journey and help release a great and rock star final product.

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3 thoughts on “Tips To Enhance Your Mobile Testing Strategy”

    1. Mobile performance testing can be divided into 2 parts:

      1. Device Performance Testing
      Measuring CPU utilization, memory consumption, Running apps in background, etc. included under this test.

      2. Server Performance Testing
      Throwing load on server and benchmark server performance included in this test. You can use Jmeter tool for server side performance testing.

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