Why Automation Testing Services are worth every Penny?

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by Niranjan Limbachiya | May 7, 2018 | Automation Testing | 0 Comment |
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Every app or software developer knows his worst nightmare is right around the corner. Within minutes, they could be flooded with bugs reports, complaints, disgruntled users and a sound telling off by their manager. This is why every software or tool, before and regularly after being released, is tested for bugs and mistakes. Now, you could have your developers sit down, and spend countless nights testing your software, trying out each and every permutation until they come across a bug, or you can purchase an automation testing service to do it for you. Allow me to give you five reasons why I strongly believe you should invest in the latter.

You No Longer Need To Neglect Testing

Companies who believe they can carry out their testing manually and economically often fail to incorporate overheads. These overheads come in the form of a loss in sales figures due to customer dissatisfaction due to bad reviews, subsequent manual tests to solve these bugs and maintenance, and delays in testing and product launch.


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They inevitably have to cut corners; often ending up devising poor software testing strategies and putting in a grossly underwhelming effort. Let’s face it, there only so much a human being can do. Take the example of a simple sign-up form; there could be a million possible combinations, with only a few actually being valid. Many companies actually end up considering software testing as a ‘distraction’ from the main task at hand!
With an automation testing service, you will end up not only finishing your tests before schedule, having tested for each and every possible permutation, but also save on any potential loss in sales due to customer dissatisfaction.

Automation Testing Services Are Fast And Cost-Effective

Setting up an automation testing service is painstakingly slow and does quite a number on your bank account. But once it is set up, software products with a long maintenance life can be agile tested on the go!
Several landmark moments in the past few centuries have come as a result of something being automated, be it manufacturing or delivery. Software testing deserves just as much credit, reducing a task as daunting as testing and debugging software written over weeks by several different engineers to something that can be done in hours.

It Allows You To Be Agile

Software automation testing services come especially handy in scenarios where new modules are introduced to existing products. There is always a high chance that these modules may interfere with the existing framework, exposing previously hidden bugs and creating altogether new ones.

Companies like Google update their products on almost a daily basis. It would be impossible to maintain such a pace without automated testing services. Sure you can’t automate each and every module like documentation and UI, but it’s a worthy investment if it allows you to roll out robust products at such a pace.


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Increase Productivity

Manual testing requires the developer to keep switching between coding and testing, while automated testing services for a software product require you to only initialize the module, and continue working as you constantly receive feedback and reports on the performance of your software.

Having to constantly switch between testing and development also takes its toll on the engineer. Constantly having to switch between two tasks breaks the flow of work and thought. These points may seem minor but they drastically affect the outcome of the final product.

Power and Versatality

Imagine having to sit down and create accounts, each with their own unique attributes. Sitting down and testing the proper functioning of the software for each and every user; checking the timely delivery of mails, functioning of event-based triggers and behaviour of analytics tools dependent on user behaviour is, if I were, to put it bluntly, tedious. An automation testing service can do this for you without breaking a sweat.

An automation system definitely needs an experienced team to set-up, and isn’t exactly cheap. But if you’re desperately looking to be agile with a product with power, versatility and cost-effective, automation testing services are the way to go.

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