Why Load Testing Is Important For Your Website?

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Why Load Testing Is Important For Your Website?
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If you have a website to maintain and you want to boost the performance of your website, load testing is a great tool. Its demand in the present website industry is rapidly growing due to its usefulness.

Load testing involves the practice to determine the behavior of your website under several circumstances of normal and high load. This testing lets you find out the error associated with the website that can lead to affect the website in terms of its functionalities and performance. It is usually performed for web servers, word processors, graphics editor, etc. to define the loading capacity of the website.

You can take the help of various testing tools present including IBM Rational Performance Tester, JMeter, LoadRunner, and SLAMD to test the upper limit of the loading capacity of your website.

Reasons for Slow Performance

  1. Load Balancing between multiple servers.
  2. Bugs in the code.
  3. Client Processing.
  4. Network Congestion.
  5. Availability of database services.
  6. Traffic.

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Benefits of Load Testings

1. Stimulates Performance

You can stimulate the performance of your website by doing load testing because lots of real users are visiting your website. To understand the errors and fix them you must do the load testing to boost the performance of your website. It will not only increase the performance of your website but also makes it more user-friendly. As a result, your revenues can be increased.

2. Increases Efficiency

Your website works differently with different users based on the traffic. So, it is very important to focus on this aspect. Load testing is important to increase the overall performance and to make it efficient for users so that lots of visitors’ traffic can be increased. It can fix the issues in your website and also helps when the system breaks. It will not upset your visitors, and they would love to visit it again. In case of heavy traffic, load testing is the key to making your website work efficiently.


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3. Cost Effective

If you do not perform load testing, your website might crash during heavy traffic.  It will upset your visitors and also cost you a lot to fix the bugs and errors. It is a time-consuming process that is also a negative point when it comes to building your brand reputation. Your customers turn to be unhappy, and you might lose them. So, overall load testing proves to be cost efficient as it saves money on unnecessary expenditure.


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4. Perform on Regular Intervals

If you keep doing the load test for your website at regular intervals of time, actually you’re fueling your website. Everything in this world needs to be fueled in many ways to run properly. The change might not be bigger as you are constantly doing the testing, but your website is getting freshen up each time you do it. You find everything is working well with your website even on the heavy traffic. It optimizes the overall performance of your website.

5. Integration

You can do continuous integration in your website for issue management, code analysis, etc. that adds load testing to your workflow. You can use various testing tools to do system integration.


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6. Automation

Customers like the websites that go under a rapid change in terms of operation and light versions. It becomes easy for them to use the website and they can trust it more. It also helps in reputation building with your customers as they find you more involved in the website that they are using. You must do faster releases and automation testing to improve the quality of your product that will bring quantity to your revenue. This is the reason why load testing becomes important.


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7. Least Loading Time Without Crashing

Users trust the website with least loading time and which doesn’t crash often while browsing. If your website crashes, then it becomes very difficult to do the retention for that particular customer. As you know each customer is important; you need to make them trust your website so that they can use with greater ease. The website needs to be faster also so, with load testing you can achieve this parameter. With the help of load testing, you can optimize your website and eliminate the unnecessary pressure that can build on you.

8. Works in Specific Events

There are some events in which the users use your website rapidly. In other words, there is much traffic on your website in particular events like sports events, festivals, on Mondays and weekends. The traffic can elevate to a high amount which requires your website to withstand those events.

At this time, your website must be efficient enough to fulfill the demands of the customers. If your website fails to do so, you lose the customers. It will directly affect revenue generation. You must have load testing dome to your website so that you can meet the requirements of large crowds looking for your products and services.

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Concerning the above points, now you must have understood the importance of load testing for your website. Therefore, do the website testing with various tools like Blazemetr, JMeter, Jenkins, IBM Rational Performance Tester, etc. to optimize the overall performance of your website.

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