Top 5 Salesforce Automation Testing Tools For Efficient QA

Top 5 Salesforce Automation Testing Tools For Efficient QA

With the fast-paced market industry, you need a platform that can maximize your business operations in a quicker manner. So, Salesforce, a cloud-based platform, plays a pivotal role in shaping your business prospects and sales goals and attracting customers using Salesforce Automation Testing tools with the help of data across various sources has crossed 30bn USD in 2024 and will be crossed over double the data by 2026 in testing.

Automation testing using different tools in the Salesforce platform is important in order to detect errors in custom and automated code in the application, enabling the repetitive tasks to be easy to go by reducing human error that occurs in manual testing cases. Overall, the platform enables businesses to run efficiently with their developed business application before and after deploying it to the end-users.

In this blog, we will cover the best automation testing services used for salesforce testing, choosing the right services among them, and best practices to enhance business operations.

Why Automation Testing Is Essential For Salesforce?

Let’s discuss how the automation testing is affecting the company’s productivity:

Enhanced Efficiency

The Salesforce test automation tools leverage repetitive tasks like test code writing and automatic test case execution, leading to a reduction in human error, faster release of products, and meeting customer satisfaction.

Improved Accuracy

The automatic testing tools are featured with identifying the algorithms for complex data sets that are not easily recognized by human testers. Thus, producing accurate results of test cases by reducing the error and allowing more test coverages.

Faster Release Cycles

With more test coverages, including error detection and solving those issues, the testing tools are highly capable of releasing the developed product quickly to the end users.


Automated Testing Tools For Salesforce Platform can be expensive initially due to the installation time and manpower; however, in the long run, these tools are cost-effective. After installation, the tools are capable of executing test codes accurately and in a faster manner.

So, more test coverage leads to faster release of developed Salesforce applications and reduces manual testing, cutting down on labor costs. So, these can be highly cost-effective options, one can say.

Web Application Testing

Key Features To Look For In Salesforce Automation Testing Tools

Let’s consider some important features you may consider while selecting the automation tools for salesforce testing.

Integration Capabilities

Before choosing a salesforce automation tool for test automation, you should check the integration capabilities of that tool, which can be integrated into your existing system features, browsers, devices, and operating system that can be easily installed and enhance the test automation.

Ease Of Use

Another major feature in selecting the best automation testing tools for salesforce testing is that the tools have an easy user interface that should be navigated by testers easily or they can easily customize them as per their testing requirements.

Support For Various Salesforce Components

Salesforce has several Aura components such as Lightning Accordion, alert, avatar, badge, button, and many more on the list. So, choosing a tool that has features to support different salesforce components can be helpful in executing the test cases to enhance the functionality of the salesforce application.


The best salesforce test automation tools are scalable enough to adapt to different test automation types such as functional, regression, etc. allowing to integration in various systems, languages, and browsers.

Reporting And Analysis

The salesforce testing tool must analyze the entire code while deploying in a test case running and finding errors. After that, the tools have to provide a detailed analysis report for the modification by the testers.

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Top Salesforce Automation Testing Tools

After considering the importance, benefits, and some important features, let’s discuss how to increase your CRM system.

1. Selenium

Selenium is one of the top salesforce automation testing tools, is a platform-independent tool, used to automate web applications, and supports the multi-browser settings within the Selenium network.

Key features of Selenium tools are, that it support cross-browser testing, and several web elements, is portable to all types of operating systems, provide faster test case execution, etc.

Pros And Cons of Selenium:

Apart from features, there are several Pros as well as cons of this tool:


  • It is a free tool and often offers an open-source automation testing process.
  • The tool can perform any type of web application in multiple browsers, languages, and operating systems.
  • This platform can be implemented for CI/CD integrations and other tools like Jenkins, DevOps, GIT Lab, etc.
  • It provides a continuous testing environment in a single testing point.


  • The major flaw of this type of Salesforce testing tool is it only supports web test applications.
  • It does not feature image comparison.
  • It cannot produce reports as no technical support is present.

HTTP Request is an excellent use case of the Selenium tool in the Salesforce platform.

2. Provar

Povar is one of the best test automation tools for Salesforce that uses metadata of the Salesforce organization and examines the test cases in the Povar test builder across different browsers. Testers have to install the desktop version known as Provar desktop, and then it is ready to run.

Some important features of Provar are:

It performs Salesforce-related testing, points, and clicks interface, and reusable components, and it supports data-driven testing.

Pros And Cons Of Provar:


  • It has several salesforce features like visual force pages, validation features, and lightning web components, which are necessary for automation testing.
  • It allows multiple tests at a time that are executed in the Provar grid.
  • This allows cross-browser testing across various platforms.
  • It can be integrated into several tools like Browser Stack, Jenkins, etc.
  • The Provar tool provides better communication with the team and gives analysis reports to Apache ANT.


  • The installment required lots of time as it has numerous built-in functions that need to be fully functional for running the test cases.
  • Many testers complain about hanging the tool while testing.

The simple use case of Provar in the Salesforce platform is that you can launch your Salesforce account in Provar using very simple steps, directly add the test case, and design them to run the test.

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3. Testim

Testim is a type of salesforce test automation tools used by testers to run the testim test cases by integrating into the salesforce platform. To run the Testim test case, you just have to create a testimonial account in Salesforce, create a test case, and then record, run, and analyze the test case in the Salesforce platform.

Some features of Testim in the Salesforce platform are as follows: The Testim tool allows one to write clean tests and handle Salesforce components and test cases without breaking down the browser.

Pros And Cons Of Testim:


  • It allows faster test execution and improves test efficiency.
  • This tool allows better test coverage by reducing errors.
  • The tool can integrate with CI/CD platforms and other existing system features.
  • The tool can be a cost-effective tool used for automatic testing.


  • The major disadvantage is that when the test case fails, it provides a report through e-mail after the suitcase has passed.
  • It does not have an undo option when you want to re-edit the test case.

The use case of Testim in Salesforce can be found in E2E business code optimization.

4. Copado

It is specifically designed for DevOps automation tools for Salesforce testing and provides faster test case execution to develop the Salesforce application.

The major features of Copado are low code required for testing the cases and featured with artificial intelligence that helps in error detection.

Pros And Cons Of Copado:


  • It provides great team communication for managing the application deployment.
  • This tool can sync user data from different tools like Azure to enhance data visibility.
  • It can be integrated into the Git pipeline to perform metadata deployments.


  • It can not be compatible with the Windows operating system.
  • It requires complex setup and training resources.

The Copado team is a case study for developing a Salesforce app using the DevOps platform.

5. Acceleq

Acceleq is one of the best salesforce test automation tools used for testing the quality of salesforce applications by testing the test cases with no code format. It comes in several types. However, Acceleq Automate is specially designed to execute the test case of the Salesforce platform.

The key feature is Early automation, which allows both manual testing and automatic testing to be integrated into various ecosystems.

Pros And Cons Of Acceleq:


  • It can test any type of application.
  • This tool allows design-first features.
  • It is a secure platform to run the test cases.
  • This tool allows API testing to check the overall quality of the developed software product in the salesforce platform.


  • Initial setup can take time.
  • It is an expensive tool.

The use case of Acceleq is businesses using the Salesforce platform to enable visualization in major business processes.

Manual Testing

How To Choose The Right Tools For Your Needs?

While choosing the right automated testing tools for Salesforce testing, you should consider the following factors:

  • Always assess your project need for which parts need to be automated in the salesforce platform.
  • Always compare different tools and their features like testing ability, reports, analysis, and integration that should match your project needs.
  • Divide your team as their expertise. For instance, software testers are different from the salesforce expert. If you want to work with both of them, then create a collaboration among them.
  • Budget is the next important factor. So, choose a tool that has features that can enhance your test and come within your budget; otherwise, choosing an expensive tool requires lots of maintenance and unnecessary features.

Best Practices For Implementing Salesforce Automation Testing

Leveraging the best automation testing tools for salesforce testing along with best practices enhances the testing process in the following manner.

  • Understanding the salesforce tool’s objectives and your testing goal enhances your test cases.
  • Design the comprehensive test cases using the salesforce lightning components.
  • Divide the test cases and manage the data for automation and manual testing for better test coverage.
  • Continuously monitor the test cases that may need Updation or any error that should be fixed before and after releasing the product.
  • To analyze the bugs, use the tools’ built-in reporting feature and update it to maximize the error detection ability.

Optimize Your Salesforce QA: Choose The Best Automation Tool Today!

With the increasing demand for salesforce testing, leverage the best practices, choose the right tool, and select the right Automation Testing Company to maximize your salesforce application and enhance your customer satisfaction now!

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