5 Tips for Better Test Automation Management

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by Mit Thakkar | November 22, 2018 | Automation Testing | 0 Comment |
Test Automation Mistakes And Solutions
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The QA team is under the constant pressure of delivering quality software without failing to meet the tight deadlines. To cope up in this fast-paced environment, the IT organizations have already adopted test automation for their QA analysis purposes. Although test automation has come to their rescue, yet some much effective methods can help businesses manage test automation better.

Tactics for Better Test Automation Management

So let’s go ahead and discuss the methods that can help you to go about with test automation more effectively.

1. Ensure That You Are Choosing The Correct Tools

The success of automation directly depends on the tools you choose. It is critical to choose a tool which is likely familiar to the resources you possess. This will make it quite simpler for the businesses to use the tool for successful automation effectively.

2. Do Not Try Automating Everything

It is quite essential for businesses to understand that automating everything is not the goal. Rather achieving a successful test process is. The QA teams should consider leaving scope for manual testing operations. There are scenarios where manual testing processes prove to be of more help.

3. Consider Re-Evaluating The Tests

Do not just forget the automated tests. You require re-evaluating and maintaining them regularly. As new functionalities get added up over time, it is important to check if the previous test elements are up-to-date.

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4. Have A Proper Understanding Of The Application That Is Being Tested

Make sure you have proper learning of the product before beginning the test automation process. This will help you in choosing the tools effectively. In case of a typical web application, have a clear picture of the browsers that it can support and the technologies that are involved in it. In the case of desktop applications, understand the language upon which it is developed.

5. Design A Productive Framework

It is very crucial for the QA analysts to make up an effective plan for the way they would be supporting the automation process. They should make sure that they have a back-up of resources. The automation framework generally speaks about the scripting method, test execution, and result reporting. This framework will provide a standard for achieving the goals as well as maintain the automation.

Test automation has been a boon to the IT industry. Hence, it is important for businesses and developers to understand the full scope and potential of this tool and use it effectively for better productivity.

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