How Performance Testing Enhances Mobile User Experience?

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How Performance Testing Enhances Mobile User Experience-
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Performance testing plays a vital role to maximize user experience. Performance testing is done to boost speed, stability, and ensure there are no bugs, and error present in the application. You must do it before you release your mobile app to users so that they have a good experience using it.

1. Monitor User Patterns

With performance test, user pattern can be monitored. Due to the availability of multiple solutions, tracking of user patterns is easy. These statistics can be collected with or without load and used to achieve better understandability of the app.

2. Boost Speed

Mobile user experience can be improved with a performance test. It is because the speed of application can be improved with a performance test. So, if your application speed is improved, users would love to use it. Otherwise, it becomes frustrating when the app shows problems in terms of speed. No one wants such app and they will ultimately end up deleting it. So, performance testing plays a vital role in boosting the speed of your application.

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3. More Stability

With performance testing, your app can be stabilized more. And because of the stability of your application, users experience directly enhances. So, stability is yet another important factor in the performance test.

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4. More Scalability

Performance test makes your mobile app more scalable. Scalability is required in present day applications. It is because when you introduce new codes, it must be compatible with the application. Otherwise, you cannot make the necessary improvements to your application. Performance test optimizes your application so that when you introduce new code to scale it, it is compatible with your application. Therefore, performance test enhances user stability because of increased scalability.

5. Quality Code

Performance testing ensures the quality of codes. It also ensures features and functionalities of the application so that they perform well. Quality of test is important; it is because each code contributes in the overall performance of your application. This is why performance testing comes into the picture. So, when you perform performance testing on the application, the quality code is enhanced. Therefore, the user experience directly gets enhanced with this type of testing.

6. Enhance Functionality

Of course, it is important that your application functions well. Performance testing tests each code that is responsible for the application to function well. So, this type of testing takes care of this aspect so that your users do not find difficulty while using your application.

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7. Testing Functional Scenarios

With performance testing, you can send traffic on various internet backbones. It also test your applications in accordance with various type and qualities of connection, locations, and cellular operators. It gives you confidence that your application is performing consistently well and is reliable across different infrastructures.

In addition to that, you can also see the performance of your app when users change from one network to another. For instance, you will understand performance when your user uses an open network and then chafes into a private network.

8. Perform The Test In Your Production Environment

Variables like firewalls, configurations of load balancing, memory configuration of the server, etc. might influence performance o your app. So, it becomes vita for you to test in simulated production or production environment. You can do it in a manner that is non-destructive. However, you must keep the principle consistent. It means that you must test physical aspects, network, and hardware completely so that you can understand the overall performance of your application. So, when it launches, your users would love to use it because you have optimized it with performance testing.

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9. Performance Testing To Measure Load Profiles

Imagine that a functional defect arises during specific loads. At this time, it becomes very difficult to locate the defect and fix it. So, with performance testing, you can measure and also examine the user experience at that time of various load profiles. Actually, load scenarios tend to be functional but they cannot be checked on GUI level. So, it is recommended to do performance testing, which is not limited to those scenarios simulated on the load. Further, it also reduces the chance of risks and at the same time, increases the success percentile of your application.

10. Monitor Of System Performance

Using performance scripts running constantly on your application, you can monitor overall system performance. With correlation done perfectly, you can drive your business with intelligence. It includes things like effect of performance on generated the revenue and also the impacts of user scenarios on applications. So, when you get reports on tools for testing loads, you can get total understanding of the entire question related to the performance of your application.

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11. Log Analysis

Log files are used to contain information that is valuable about app performance. As all issues are not visible, users cannot understand the origin of the issue. It because very problematic when the problem is non-reproducibly. So, with the performance test, you can analyze logs so that you can monitor all the issues. And it also gives you the opportunity so that you can produce a clear report to your clients. It must be deployed during performance testing so that you can get a comprehensive understanding of all the errors and bugs to log before users get to know about it. Therefore, it increases users experience ultimately.

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