Software Testing Vs. Game Testing: The Key Differences

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by Mit Thakkar | June 18, 2020 | Game TestingSoftware Testing | 0 Comment |
Software Testing Vs. Game Testing
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In order to determine the quality of a product, testing is imperative. Whether it is a software application or a gaming application, both require testing to ascertain their quality. Testing not only verifies the quality and readiness of the application to be launched but also enhances its productivity. While the objective of testing remains the same, there exist a number of differences between software and game testing.

Here are some of the major factors that form the basis of difference for both the testing types:

1. Complexity

In terms of complexity, game testing is more complex in comparison to software testing. While software testing follows a systematic approach and is relatively simple, game testing involves a lot of complexities. Game testing may seem to be a fun task, but it is actually more complex. It requires paying attention to minute details and a lot of concentration as well as dedication in order to enhance the quality of gaming application. The use of manual testing adds more complexity to gaming applications.

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2. Test Automation

While game testing does not involve much test automation, software testing uses it to a large extent. As game testing mostly involves manual testing, automation scripts are not required. However, software testing heavily relies on the automation scripts as automation testing is employed to the maximum.

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3. Testing Team

Software testing also differs from game testing in terms of the testing team required. As game testing includes more manual tests, the number of team members is more in case of the gaming projects. On the other hand, software testing that involves automation tests requires less number of team members. However, when it comes to teamwork, it is more in software testing as compared to game testing. Software testing requires collaborative work, while game testing does not.

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4. Platform

The testing platform is another important factor that differentiates software testing from game testing. The software applications mostly need to be tested with the web and mobile platforms. On the other hand, gaming applications need to be tested on platforms like web, consoles, PC, gaming devices, as well as mobile devices.

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5. Expertise

In comparison to game testing, software testing requires a lot of expertise. Even though software testing includes automation, it can only be performed by skilled testing professionals. The professionals require in-depth knowledge about the technicalities and appropriate skills in order to perform software testing. However, there is no such requirement in the case of game testing. In order to be a part of the game testing team, it requires less expertise.

The factors mentioned above are some of the bases that can be used to differentiate software testing from game testing. It can provide a good understanding of the different testing types. The demand for software testing, as well as game testing, is equally increasing. In order to enhance the quality and functionality of software applications and gaming applications, testing is important. Following a systematic approach for both software and game testing can offer enhanced outcomes.

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