Tips To Hire A Software Testing Team For Your Startup

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Tips To Hire A Software Testing Team For Your Startup
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As startup founders are fully committed to a particular vision, they value innovation and creativity at first place. Sometimes with their little funding and fewer employees, every decision is crucial. So, if you are a startup and you want to hire a software testing team, check out the following tips to increase ROI for your business.

1. Evaluate Stakeholders

Before you start any action, you must understand the office culture of your startup. It is something more than just following daily rules. You need to understand the mindset of your people, especially your stakeholders. Therefore, you need to arrange meetings with project managers, leaders who can understand your company’s requirements. You must ask them their view on hiring software testing team. In this way, you can understand requirements like type of testing skills required, deadlines, management, communication, etc.

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2. Understand What You Need

If you want to find the right candidates for your testing team, you need to have a clear mindset of what you want from your testers. You need to be specific about the requirements with a clear set of required skills. You shouldn’t be confused about your target if you want to hire the right candidate for testing. So, make the list of what skill-set you are looking for from candidates before hunting them down.

3. Attend Events

When you are done with your office culture and methodologies, you must look for the right testers to create a perfect testing team. You might find some potential testers who do not fit in according to your mindset. At such time, you should avoid unnecessary clutter and rather focus on the right testers only as per your requirements.

Hire QA Experts

To find the right one, you can attend testing conferences and seminars from the software testing community. It will increase your chances that you can find good testers from such places. You can grab potential candidates from such events and save lots of efforts and time. While you attend those scenarios, you can announce that you are interested in hiring a potential testing team. It will help firms and testers to reach out to you.

4. Hunt Online

Another good way to find a software team for your company is through online research. You can take the help of social media, and various job portals to find your right candidate. Through these online ways, you can promote your company’s requirement so that those who met the criteria can come along your way.

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You can find potential candidates on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. where lots of suitable candidates are available. Another benefit is that it will also saw your online presence into the market, and help you in the promotion of your business as well. This is a faster and cost-efficient way to hunt for your suitable candidate.

5. Evaluate Testing Procedures

If you are successful in finding the right candidates for your software team, you must understand each one’s approach towards testing. You can give them various scenarios and ask relevant questions for testing approaches. You can also evaluate things like bug finding, and additional concepts to evaluate their knowledge about software testing. It will help you to find out their logical ability and capacity for problem-solving. As these traits are a must for software testers, you need to analyze it thoroughly.

You can even include some question about office culture to check their ability for flexible timings. You can find testing approaches of candidates for both manual and automation testing.

6. Test Their Testing Ability

Before you jump into the final decision of hiring them, you must always test their testing ability. You must guide them towards real-time execution test. To do so, you need to invest in creating various assignments aligning with the work culture of your startup. You can put some sort of limitations faced by you daily like the ratio of automated and manual testing. With such tests, you can test the approach of the testers along with their techniques, skills, and methodologies.

Automation Testing

7. Evaluate the Teamwork

It is a matter of utmost concern that you need to make the testing group in such a way that they coordinate well among each other and with other developers and programmers. They should have a good ability to communicate to enhance the productivity of your testing team. They need to have seamless coordination and collaboration with designers and programmers.

8. Take the Help of Testing Services Companies

At last, you can take the help of testing service provider companies that source for testing teams. Such service provides know exactly what you want and also have skilled testing professionals. They also offer contract flexibility and scalability. You can even evaluate some employees from your startup itself to collaborate in the hunt. Most often, this type of hiring comes out to be the best option for startups.

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