Top 10 Myths To Ignore About Emulators And Real Devices App Testing

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Top 10 Myths To Ignore About Emulators and Real Devices App Testing
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Do you know about 70% app gets deleted by users due to their failures on their respective devices? Why it happens so? It is because there are some common myths that testers have while testing their app. They sometimes forget the app is meant for real-time users not only for testing and development.

They test according to their thinking and applicability and forget end-user requirements. They need to overcome these myths to successfully test the app so that no user can delete them. It must deliver proper functionality and performance so that the user can use it with ease. So, here are some of the common myths that affect the testing of an app.

Myth 1: Wide Coverage from Emulators

You will have to keep in mind the hardware that is different on each user’s device. You need to check your app across different devices to check various parameters. The hardware features like chipset, display, memory, and sensors must be taken into consideration while testing your apps. These features are different from different user devices. So, emulators do not provide such wide coverage, and you must choose real device testing in this case.

Myth 2: Emulators Offer Great User Experience

When you are testing app, your aim should be such that it can result in great user experience. Do you think using a desktop only can you achieve it? You need to select a platform that provides ease of use for the end-users. Not all types of user interaction can be tested using an emulator. Your user uses real devices not emulators, so you need to test in such an environment to get real-time testing which can be fit your customers.

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Myth 3: It is Ok to Compromise with Platform and Customization

It is a huge myth that for app testing platform and customization is not important. For app testing, platform and customization are really important because your end-user use different kinds of devices and platforms. Your app must be compatible with them so that it can run smoothly across different platforms and customization. You need real device testing which offers these aspects for your app testing.

Myth 4: Infrastructure and Network Doesn’t Need To Be Tested

It is also one of the huge myths because devices experience network issues. Emulators cannot test the slowness of a network. So, with the help of real device testing, you can get exposure to real-time issues of network problems. Infrastructure is equally important and cannot be tested through emulators because they are connected to LAN and configured on PC. Using the real device configuration, you can experience real-time testing.

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Myth 5: Physical Inputs Are Not a Big Challenge

It is a myth that physical inputs are not a big challenge and are taken lightly while carrying out app testing. Physical inputs like GPS, sensors, force touch gestures, etc. must be tested properly which makes sure your application works well. These gestures can be simulated. If you enable emulators, it can be for only one type and not for all platforms.

Myth 6: Emulators Are Inexpensive

The common, myth about emulators is that it is not expensive. While the truth is that setting up a good emulator is a time taking procedure and expensive as well. They also can support only certain OS versions, and this is the reason you must test real-time device testing.

Myth 7: Emulators Are Very Much Compatible with App Elements

Not all emulators are compatible with app elements. This means that you need to create patches in different parts to keep using your emulators. It can support only a few OS versions, and that is why it is recommended to use real-time devices.

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Myth 8: Real Device Testing is Available Everywhere

The common myth that people think is that all real device testing can be done everywhere. Problems come when certain devices are not available to be tested for real device testing of an app. It is because it is difficult to get those devices which are available only in some countries. Then what another country tester should do? At this time, Real device testing becomes impossible, and you will have to go for emulators or simulators.

Myth 9: Maintenance Is Very Easy For Real Devices

Using real devices for testing does not require maintenance is another myth that people think. Like your users mobile or devices need maintenance so is yours. So, you need to have proper maintenance of devices to test for apps.

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Myth 10: Real Device Testing Do Not Consume Time

As you know that real device testing is an expensive solution yet effective. But, do you know it is time-consuming as well? Yes, sometimes real devices testing becomes a time-consuming solution which is not known by so many.

Hence, you must avoid these myths and test your application carefully while keeping in mind the requirement of users. It will enable successful testing to deliver a great user experience.

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