Best Tips To Develop A DevOps Testing Strategy

Best Tips To Develop A DevOps Testing Strategy

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DevOps testing strategy can be simplified emphasizing more on team effort. It always prioritizes about the best working shift that can be conclusive about the timing and frequency of testing practice by a developer in an automated fashion. Though such radical transformation might not be easy for some testers, things can be made to look smarter through proper strategy.

In this context, provided below are effective tips for enhancing the DevOps testing strategy:

Be Responsible Regarding the Quality

In general, testing professionals focus more on optimizing a product to meet challenging customer demands. They have to conduct tests, prepare reports, and then deliver back the verified code to the coders. On the other hand, in the case of DevOps, testing professionals should take responsibility regarding the quality of the final product throughout the development process; not just while testing. They have to remain involved consistently at each step to ensure that the best quality is achieved.

Testers with Great Knack in Communication Should Be Given Key Role

With DevOps, a tester should be creative enough. At the same time, they should be good at communication as well. This is important as with DevOps; a testing professional often has to collaborate with the developers in the team. They need to prepare well regarding communication for the SDLC session. Hence, it is always suggested that testers with good communication skill should be brought on board with DevOps.

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With DevOps, Testers Should Possess Fundamental Coding Skill

DevOps enhances testers in many ways. It asks them to gain some knowledge regarding fundamental coding skills as well. This is important to ensure that the product quality is maintained through the process of development only. As with DevOps, a tester has to work consistently with the developers regarding quality; it is important for them to learn some basic coding skills as well.

Instead of simply spotting out the errors, a tester will be able to test the performance of a product having some fundamental coding skill. It is suggested to hire testers with proper knowledge on how to authenticate build logs. They should also be able to certify automated test cycles and manage to read the product from a code point of view. Naturally, without fundamental coding knowledge, all these can’t be accomplished.

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Focus Should Be More on All-Inclusive Reporting

Testing earlier was very much result-oriented, rather than process-oriented. For example, a tester had to approve or reject simply. It may speed up the process or maybe beneficial from a productivity point of view, but the quality assurance value holds every possibility of being compromised.

However, in the modern business scenario where success means branding, taking care of quality holds utmost importance. This is why it is recommended that a tester with DevOps should focus on all-inclusive reporting. In this regard, they have to remain involved consistently with the process.

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Must Understand That Automation Can’t Be Applied Everywhere

Automation is indeed important to make things more productive. However, it is true at the same time that automation is not enough to address the whole range of challenges associated with manual testing. Hence, it is recommended that one should consider emphasis more on updating the testing strategy, rather than simply emphasizing on automation at each step. An effective testing strategy should aim at enhancing the efficacy of the development process itself, rather than simply aiming at error handling. This makes it easy for a tester to report regarding the level of risks associated as well.

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Address Things Immediately As Possible

Through the process of maintaining consistency with DevOps, the strategy should always about addressing the issues immediately as it appears. One should not wait until things get too worse. The most recommended way of enhancing test automation is to bring the flawless combination of Test Driven Development and Behaviour Driven Development to ensure all-inclusive testing. This way one has to ensure about best of team works.

Pay Equal Emphasis at Pre-Production Stages

Undoubtedly, finding an error in the production stage itself makes the entire process inexpensive. It may disturb the smooth functioning of the process as well. Hence, priority should be given towards better preparation for the stages before the production of software. This is crucial as here a testing professional can address maximum of bugs.

With DevOps, the test reports do come consistently. With pr-production level optimization, the task can be made to look smoother. Ultimately, it is recommended for the testers that instead of simply getting confined with only the initial phase of testing of SDLC, they should aim at focus and strategize for testing the entire product cycle.

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Testing professionals feeling anxious about transforming the testing scenario with DevOps can indeed feel relaxed with the testing strategy tips given above. They should rather realize that DevOps makes them play a bigger role in SDLC or simply the entire production lifecycle processes.

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